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  1. Ryan Killinger

    Headhunter Exile seeking Clan Members

    Hello Clan Seekers, Headhunters Exile is seeking clan members on a brand new server. We are here to protect the survivors of Chernarus and fight off the bandits. Clan members get free items upon joining. More can be explained if interested in joining. Come on our discord at https://discord.gg/WwCSBrc to speak with one of the admins. BanditHunter or R. Berezon. If we are not on in the voice channel, Message us thru the General Channel and we will reply as soon as possible. Thanks, BanditHunter
  2. Ryan Killinger

    Headhunters Exile

    Hey Server Seekers, Headhunters International is seeking players to join us on our brand new server Headhunters Exile Chernarus Redux. If interested in joining the clan, come join the server and speak with me, BanditHunter or R. Berezon. If one us isn't on, the other should be. We also have a Discord we use for comms. It's currently being worked on, but will be up shortly and will update the post with the invite url. We have: Missions Occupation & Roaming AI Zombies Bounty System and a 100k start (join soon as once we reach a certain number of players, the start will go down to 5k. Requirements: Exile Mod (obviously) CUP Core Chernarus Redux and Ryans Zombies and Demons Hope to see you there! Server IP: or seach "Headhunters Exile" on A3Launcher which will auto-download the required mods above.
  3. Ryan Killinger

    Task Force Radio Battleye issue

    Hello Exile Community, I have been trying for days to get TFAR to work. Seems the only thing stopping it is a battleye filter, which I have put in the filters. Had anyone got TFAR working on their Exile server and be so kind as to share their filter files? This is what my publicvariable.txt and, just in case, my setvariable.txt file as I've read I have to put the restriction in both files. The restrictions it is giving me is in the publicvariable.log: Value Restriction #2 "radio_request_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1CIV" = ["tf_anprc148jem"] How it currently shows in my publicvariable.txt: Line 0: //new Line 1: 7 "" Line 2: 7 !radio_request !tf_anprc148jem And then in my setvariable.log: Value Restriction #0 "tf_force_radio_active" And I inserted as so in the setvariable.txt: //new 7 "" !="exilexm8isonline" !="bis_fnc_selectrespawntemplate_respawned" !="ExileCameraInUse" !="isrunning" !="bis_fnc_setunitinsignia_class" !="bis_accesscounter" !="bis_fnc_selectrespawntemplate_respawned" !tf_force_radio_active !radio_settings !radio_request 7 "ExilePurse" 7 "ExileBank" 7 "ExileMoney" 7 "ExileScore" Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. We love the immersion of radio, so we would love any help that would get this working. And before anyone says, have I searched google and the forums, yes I have, but I have not been able to find any posts or google results that come up with the battleye filters. Thanks to anyone who helps! 100,000 poptabs and 30,000 respect to anyone who helps me get it working on my server.