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    Spawning in ground frozen, SQL errors

    Dedicated server running on TADST, using HeidiSQL and XAMPP. I'm just trying to get a wee baby exile server going for me and a few friends. I want to use more mods other than Exile and Exile Server but currently I have A3 at Vanilla because I don't know what is happening to make everything go crazy. Let me know specifically if you need any other information, this is my first server so I'm slow to the get go. But I'm pretty sure that the issue is in MySQL at this point, I just have no idea how to go about fixing it. The error it refers to is not evident, but there is an error. As well, when I load the Exile.SQL, and attempt to update, it does not.
  2. I'm spawning stuck inside of the ground facing a bunch of grass in my server I'm trying to host, I can't get mysql to work properly now, whenever I try to connect to the exile server and run it in heidisql I get an error message referring to line one of the syntax where there is no error evident. Does anyone know why this is happening? I've uninstalled reinstalled edited every file in every fucking way possible and there is literally no end to these issues.
  3. Oh so do you mean to say that my issue is actually being caused by something other than that missing file? Also I'm back at the issue where I can get into the server but can't use any keyboard controls and the camera is stuck inside the ground looking at a bunch of grass. It's weird because the game runs and everything is moving but then I just get kicked.
  4. Originally when I would receive this error in my RPT file, my game would just loop on the "connecting" screen when I tried to join the server. Then, after some troubleshooting, the mission stopped loading all together, and I would get this error accompanied by some other error from TADST, something about arma3 encountering "?" instead of ";" on line 1420-- it ended up not making any sense, editing the line it referred to or the file path made no difference, deleting some .cfg file in My Documents fixed it. Then, I miraculously got it all to load properly through TADST and get into the server-- but I would spawn with the camera stuck in the ground, unable to use any controls, and would get booted after a couple minutes-- same error in the RPT file. After going through all mission files, looking for all appropriate "addon" lines, and adding "a3_character_f" to every single one, I have now received another error message referring to some random line about some stupid symbols missing. I'm at a complete loss, anyone have any ideas? Any info appreciated, let me know if anyone needs to see anything to help, thanks. EDIT: I should mention too that I've been troubleshooting this for 3 days. It is my first server though so I'm not surprised I'm having issues, but I've tried everything from doing an entire reinstall to going through every stupid line of every stupid mission file and I've exhausted my resources. EDIT2: Attempting to add "a3_character_f" to the mission file results in the nonsensical errors that appear to refer to completely random lines and symbols.