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  1. Hey, I’ve updated the original post to make it clearer. Just to clarify a point though, you don’t need to pay to have your server monitored. You can add it and graphs, chat, keywords etc will start being capture. It’s only if you want to interact (ie. manage) the server or use the server-side addon you would need to upgrade. All the details were on the FAQ page but I've linked to that to highlight it now. Personally if I was you I’d seek another option like battleWarden. It’s free and can also be used to monitor your server. I'll try to ignore the discouraging tone of your message.
  2. To celebrate the launch (and because it's Friday) new registrations can now upgrade for 50% less. Just use the code: communitylove50
  3. Hi everyone, I just wanted to post here to let you know that ArmAdmin has now officially gone live and is open to registrations. ArmAdmin has been under development for a few months and is now ready for release, but you may ask what exactly is 'Armdmin'? It's a 100% web-based platform that is designed to allow server owners remote access to their server from any device or web browser - that includes your phone, tablet and of course laptop/desktop computer. I started this project because at the time I used a GSP (game service provider) and didn't have my own server. For those of us who rely on GSP's you'll notice that they don't like you loading server mods (DLL files specifically..) and that kills a lot of your options, so I made something that doesn't need any server-side mods and should work with any GSP. With this in mind I made it to support RCON. From there I built out a number of other features that are not in the standard RCON feature set. The RCON connection is established and runs 24/7/365, or at least while your server is online! I finished the initial build in February but some of the beta testers requested server-side mod support, and although my main reason for creating ArmAdmin was to give non-dedicated server owners something usable I eventually found beta testers asking for a server-side option, so I made that too. Right now ArmAdmin fully supports RCON and also contains a server-side mod for dedicated windows and linux servers that will report on: CPU usage, server FPS, server uptime, RAM usage, object counts, territory counts, disk IO. At the core is community support. Since most servers have multiple mods/admins they can sign up and then you can invite them to join your community and assign specific access privileges to them all the while still maintaining ownership and full control over your servers. I could talk forever about features but here's a brief overview. - Simple but powerful dashboard control interface - Online and monitoring all day, all day every day - 24/7/365 - Community support. Multiple users under one account. - Full RCON protocol support - Full server side addon support - Real-time sidechat activity - Unlimited, categorised and searchable logging of sidechat activity - Works on any device and any web browser - Task scheduling - Historic logging of player counts - Fully customisable chat keyword match system - Categorised and searchable logging of keyword matches - Logging of player information including IP address, BattlEye GUID, time/date and geographic location - List of all active online players including IP address, port, BattlEye GUID and geographic location - Remote shutdown and restart functionality - Remote kick/ban functionality - Multi-user task scheduling and management system - Quick to see active player count and restart/shutdown server - Sleek, easy to use interface My best suggestion is to register on the website and check it out yourself over at https://www.armadmin.net To address some points because I guess people will ask: 1. Data (in any shape or form) is NOT shared with any second, third, fourth or 99th parties. Your privacy is taken seriously. 2. Your data (literally all of it) is encrypted. Your community password is the encryption key. You and your admins/mods can view your data but nobody else can. Not even me - I don't want to. 3. Yes, you need to put in your RCON password. But to be fair I don't know why everyone is so touchy about that but happy to run executable DLL's on their server if it means not giving away their password (think about that for a minute). 4. We are happy to communicate and work with with GSP's. Your GSP won't let you load server-side stuff? Tell them to email gsp@armadmin.net. They still won't let you load DLL's/SO's? ArmAdmin will still work fine, you just won't be able to see the FPS, CPU usage etc. 5. We care. We're human. We care about the Arma community and developers and love both of them. If you have a problem or any reasonable criticisms please let us know and we'll do everything we can to address it. 6. What is the cost? There is no cost for basic monitoring over a 24/7 RCON connection. If you need to remotely manage your server or use the server-side addon there is a charge of US$7/month for a single server or US$10/month for unlimited servers. More can be seen at https://www.armadmin.net/faq.html On that note please keep in mind that ArmAdmin has just come out of beta. Although things have been tested within our capabilities there may be some underlying issues, but if you report them they will be fixed. Now that the service has been launched we will begin development on further features such as blacklisting, whitelisting, VPN blocking, country blocking, VIP slots, steam UID lookups and more. I want to give a shout to some beta testers who stuck around and gave some great feedback: StokesMagee Chernaruski Maverick87Shaka Wabbit
  4. Cheers man. I've been thinking about that too. I think what I'll do is add a tick box next to the word so you can select whether it's case sensitive. I can for see some situations in which case might be useful.
  5. Hi everyone, Over the last month or so I've been putting together a web based RCON tool. To make things a bit easier I've setup a website for the project which you can find at www.armadmin.net. I'm really looking for a few people to help me test everything out and to provide feedback on features or problems as they arise. I've primarily been testing on Exile but of course would love to get some other mods and also Arma 2 tested. it's still early days and there a few more things that need need to be implemented. If you're interested please drop me a private message here with your details or apply via the website and I'll get back to you.
  6. I'm assuming you're in the US? Feel free to send me your RPT file. I'm happy to help you figure things out to startup but your timezone is quite far from mine (I'm in Hong Kong!). infiSTAR is really easy to install too.
  7. What are you trying to setup? Where is the server? More detail is better.
  8. Singapore Exile Tanoa

    Friendly PVE server with a PVP area. Heavily modded. I've added a bridge between islands, a friendly chillout zone, georgetown zombie apocalypse and even built a new island that holds a secret mission.
  9. Hey, I haven't tested your mission but by the looks of things you've got: And in that section you only have 8 items (Item0-7). In the next section you have: And actually have 6 items (Item0-5). Try to update these counts