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  1. D1amond Eagle

    infiSTAR removing "VALID" UID?

    We both checked those files multiple times and I can also ensure that we did it correctly. The weird thing is that he is still admin, even when his UID is not in the config file included. Can somebody approve that or does somebody have any knowledge or experience with that "problem" ?
  2. D1amond Eagle

    infoSTAR Admin Panel does not recognize changes made to config

    There is no way you'll be ever able to fix this problem. muhahahaha
  3. D1amond Eagle

    InfiSTAR Admin Panel Problem

    Does anybody have an idea ?
  4. D1amond Eagle

    InfiSTAR Admin Panel Problem

    Hey Infistar and others, my friend wants to add me to his Server as an admin but I can't open the admin panel. It doesn't even show a welcome admin and other things ... Is it a client sided problem or server one ? The Profile ID is the right one, we already checked that ... Can somebody help us please Greets Michi