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    The Walking Dead

    It's been three years since the outbreak. The world is a very different place now, desolate and void of life with reanimated, decaying corpses serving as a ghostly reminder of those we once loved and of how things used to be. Humanity is a thing of the past and those who try to hold onto it usually die trying. It's kill or be killed, fight the dead ... fear the living. Will you survive ... The Walking Dead? Server is running : Exile Server 1.0.3f, DMS, Occupation, Ryan's Zombies (ExileZ 2), Claim Vehicles and Advanced Towing. Required addons client side : Ryan's Zombies, RZInfection and Femal3 (optional) AI survivors can be recruited to join you. Please do not try to join this server if you have any other mods loaded other than those stated above under client side. You will not be able to. We are stating this as many people keep attempting to join and then are being kicked because of having an incorrect mod list. (Rules on XM8 : Server restarts every 6hrs, game time is 8am to 8pm: Contact email - Discord name - plozaq)
  2. plozaq

    Dedicated server help

    @StokesMagee, i said @kuplion was author in the sense that the readme file of the addon says that he now modifies and updates it and that most of the code is new. so although SAM, Otto and CaptionJack created the original project and Patrix87 released the original ver 2, @kuplion has modified it and added lots of new code. thats just my way of looking at it anyway
  3. plozaq

    Dedicated server help

    i have just been reading about the new updats for animals in the lemon update but have been left confused. when i downloaded the latest client and server files from this site (i run a dedicated server at home for me and the kids lol), i realised that there is no class cfgexileanimals in the config file of the altis map but there is in the tanoa map?? i have triple checked and this is deffinately not there. i have read as well that things were reported as working (gutting animals) in the 1.0.3f update which again confused me because the only file on the download page is the 1.0.3e. what do i need to copy over to the altis map config to have the animal feature running?? the other issue i have is with zombies ... i have dms and occupation along with advanced towing, traveling trader and admintoolkit. these all work perfectly. the problem i have is that i am also trying to run zombies and demons, rzinfection and exilez 2. everything works great apart from that when an ai (eg occupation survivor) is hit (chance 100% infection) or killed by zombies, they never resurrect. I have tried putting zombie and demons under both mod and servermod parameters in start batch file. i have made certain that the addons are listed in mission.sqm. i have even tried using both z&d's version 4.6 and 5.0 (making sure that both client and server have the same). nothing seems to make any difference. any help would be greatly appreciated as i have been reading page after page online for the past few days and i'm getting nowhere ... fast. thanks, adam [SOLVED]: i spoke with the author of exilez 2 and he informed me that the resurrection function was not enabled in the addon but that he would have a look into enabling it (thanks @kuplion). the other issue was due to the download page on this site having the link to the 1.0.3e files but if you ask on discord the guys there will gladly give you the link to the 1.0.3f files which work perfectly for the animal gutting etc (thanks @Brett Nordin). Hope this might help someone.