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  1. thejollyjoker

    Best Rcon tool?

    What are people's thoughts on the differant RCON tools out there? we currently use battlemetrics but find aspects of it a bit odd and buggy. One that looks good is arma remote admin but if anyone has used/is using it their opinions on it would be appreciated Thanks.
  2. thejollyjoker

    [SOLVED] Chat Command to open up a webpage

    Ok, thanks
  3. thejollyjoker

    Experemental Anti Dupe log

    Hi, So were seeing a lot of bergans and carryalls in the experimental dupe logs from the same group of people, is there anyway that we are able make what was inside of those backpacks to log?
  4. thejollyjoker

    Exile PHP Admin Tools/Portal

    @Choppra, Great tool, works well GUI is easy to use and looks good!
  5. Hi, I was wandering if there is a way to make the: { {"!forum","#000000","1","OrbitronMedium",""} }; So you would do !forum and your default browser would open up with Or if infistart doesnt have the capability for this does anyone know of a script that does? Ive had a look round and not been able to find anything on it... Thanks for your help
  6. hi, I've got this as well with a player as well, he also has reinstalled everything, ill send it over to you as well if its ok
  7. thejollyjoker

    Exile continues!

    Now the forums go down because of all the people who got the notification!
  8. thejollyjoker

    [WIP] FindL Webadmin

    This would be really cool for the 2 servers that ive got if it was finished even if it did not receive any updates once its released!