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  1. Mraweshumsauce

    Cannot Load Mission

    Bump: Having this same issue as well.
  2. Mraweshumsauce

    Cannot connect

    Problem with the app at best, I doubt any kind of steam app like that would say "Epic fail" Oh and plus the error messages on the site also have epic fail Epic Fail
  3. Mraweshumsauce

    Custom made mission

    I need a bit of help here, I have a full map file but 0 idea how I'm supposed to add it to the server. Like all the data and so on from the editor but just no clue how to word it and so on. Any help with this would be amazing.
  4. Mraweshumsauce

    Tactical Noobs

    Tactical Noobs Mods: Virtual Garage/ExAD CUP Weapons CUP Maps CUP Units CUP Core CBA HVP HWP Are you a good with exile servers? Good at making missions? PM Mraweshumsauce
  5. Mraweshumsauce

    No items in traders

    Any help on this guys? I lost players due to not being able to buy items from traders
  6. Mraweshumsauce

    No items in traders

    Alrighty I just removed it, but it didn't fix it.
  7. Mraweshumsauce

    No items in traders

    You wouldn't mind me asking, but where in the world would I put this part anyhow?
  8. Mraweshumsauce

    No items in traders
  9. Mraweshumsauce

    No items in traders

    I'm not sure why this is happening, I've looked over my config.cpp a thousand times and can't find the problem Config.cpp:
  10. Mraweshumsauce

    Config : some input after EndOfFile

    Solved! line 6768 had an extra }; Please close
  11. Mraweshumsauce

    Config : some input after EndOfFile

    I'm not sure if I mistyped something in the config.cpp or what. If someone can please look over it any find the cause of the error, That would be grand. RPT: Config.cpp:
  12. Mraweshumsauce

    Multiple server issues

    Not to be a rush or anything, but this is really important guys.
  13. Mraweshumsauce

    Multiple server issues

    I finally got my server working yesterday but there is no bullet impact (Like the bullet doesn't even shoot, Makes the sound but no bullet/impact) And when selling items to a trader, he'll take the items but won't give any poptabs. RPT LOG: Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.
  14. Mraweshumsauce

    Trader not giving item

    I have a similar issue, Except when I sell to my trader, He takes the item bug gives no items. Same for scrapping vehicles. pl0x help anyone
  15. Mraweshumsauce

    Database Issue breaking at territory

    Server works fine, except this.