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  1. Thanks to both, i merge my exile.ini with the new. After the bug appears, I check again this file, but probabbly I dont see or forget something... Thanks again. When i go again to my home I merge again the files.
  2. ExAd Virtual Garage stopts to work today on my server. Probabbly related with 1.0.3 update, because I doesn't touch anything more... I can't load any vehicle from VG. This is my fault, or is a general issue? EDIT: WTF! vehicles spawn after restart. I'm alone?
  3. If you are viewing apex info is because doesn't insall properly. Probabbly you put any sintax error in somewhere. I have installed in mine without problems and works fine.
  4. nrz

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    A few days ago I recieve a PM from @.Doppelpoint with some suggestions to put Exile Toast instead of Hints. I do not have time this days because I'm on my holidays, but if anyone will try I paste his message. When I can try on my server probabbly push to repo.
  5. nrz

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    If you want and knows how do it, you can push to github. Or put a rule. On mine safe trolling is punished.
  6. nrz

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    Sorry for my last post, writted without time with mobile phone... I have some time ago a server on Esseker, and I only can recomend to you CHANGE THE MAP!!! -Very very low fps -Vehicles stucked in the ground -Lot of invisible textures -A lot of glitched textures... Burn esseker... burn. Try without any change, following the instructions step by step. Without add any texture or edit anything and try if work. Not with an easy way. You need to make a MOD with the SUV. But is not easy if you don't know how to made it. Probabbly the code from SUV is wrong. Maybe loads the texture as shadow.
  7. nrz

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    Use the pbo from the second message or pack it with other tools like BI Addon Builder. Simply PBOManager brokes the pbo. You can pack easy with Arma 3 tools - addon builder.
  8. nrz

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    I don't undestand why try editing the code before to try with a clean install . . .
  9. nrz

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    . . . . You change the filepaths.... and probably not fine. Please try with a clean install and follow the instructions... Install on \addons and not in \custom.... How I say on github: Try following the install instructions... STEP BY STEP.
  10. nrz

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    the last one have a coma? And in your video you are to far away..... Forget the vehicles and put INSIDE the building. Can your paint your backpack? Apologize to me if sounds stupid... Does it work for the others?
  11. nrz

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    Hi, in infistar only is needed to whitelist the IDD 6666, the others ID's are not needed. Check sure if are using in infistar some like "block bad actions" or some similar. I have this option disabled, maybe if is enabled can cause the issues. Try disabling tempolary the badActionCheck to be sure if the problem is from here. The vehicle needs to be at 40 meters from paintshop at max and the player near the paintshop. If is not working, put too on eye in description.ext and initplayerlocal to be sure that the instalation is propper. EDIT: Try with the character just NEAR the painthop, like the OP video.
  12. nrz

    Anti theft in trade zones

    He is not banned. He removes all scripts with a rage kit, and without permission to use/modify. I do not recoment to use any mod o script from this author, any day will be abandoned again. He says some like "if the script doesn't work fix yourself or don't use it" , but he revoques all privilege and permission . I recommend to not use any mod or script from he.
  13. nrz

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    No. Can work with any car, including stock Arma 3 Vehicles or ExileMod vehicles. You only need to add the textures inside the mission PBO. I just upload this video as example, updated OP.
  14. nrz

    Halv's Paintshop ported to Exile

    @smithyxxxIf this Subaru Impreza is from Jonzie Mega Pack, will change to random color two seconds after the vehicle spawn, overwriting any texture loaded by halv's paintshop. follow this commit to fix the save paint. An stupid mistake introduced in last update. I try following install instructions with and old backup from my server. Now I'm sure that if anybody follows the instructions fine, can work out of box. Sorry for the issues. @[X-CESSIVE] Mr. Sage