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  1. @Riker2335 thank you! can we put on more outfit? (uniform, weapon ...)
  2. hello, no I wish a random equipment or equipment according to the respect obtained. Sorry if you misunderstand (google translation)
  3. Hello everyone, I am looking for a script that allows to have a random behavior after a death (during a reappearance) thank you very much
  4. the links do not work anymore (you have to pay now) .Thank you for your work
  5. Hello, I have a little trouble on my server, when I buy any outfit or weapon etc ... and I disconnect, when I return I have nothing.I do not know how to do thank you your assistance . good day to all
  6. Yes I did not make a mistake here is exactly what I put https://pastebin.com/mHS1ZiuV thanks for aide
  7. Hello I I have one concerns, simply put this is what I made:: install the file Trader in the file MP mission class CfgExileArsenal #include "TRADERS\Exile\ItemListExile.hpp" class CfgTraderCategories #include "TRADERS\Exile\TraderCategoriesExile.hpp" class CfgTraders #include "TRADERS\CfgTraders.hpp" And maintaining the server do not work any more
  8. Hello, I search the script that allows to have a "salary" in poptabs but I can not find it! Thank you for your help! ps:sorry if I posted in the wrong place
  9. thank's and sorry ><'
  10. Hello, when I put the.pbo in the @exileserver and that I restart my server no mission is launched, is there a way so that at least 1 mission starts from the start of the server? more No mission starts (I'm alone on the server) even if I wait 30 minutes! Thank you for your help
  11. Hello, here I have a problem, impossible to pose a flag yet I press the key escapes but it does not work! thank you for your help!
  12. Hello, here I have a problem, impossible to pose a flag yet I press the key escapes but it does not work! thank you for your help!
  13. Good evening, I have a small question, can we change the view distance in a file? (because on my server I have the "fog" at 500m) thank you
  14. how to install it please?
  15. yessssss thanks!