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    Error: Bambi Creation Timeout

    That took care of it completely, thank you! I think the confusion here is that if the server is locally hosted or on a virtual machine, a user has access to these settings. With a server host, it must be done on their end. Good to know. Thanks again! -Sam
  2. davethenuge

    Error: Bambi Creation Timeout

    While running our server, we've come across pretty much every error you can imagine and found a workaround, one way or the other. However, we did a fresh install with a new server provider and different mods this time and now get the error "Error: Bambi Creation Timeout" when selecting a spawn point. I've checked other posts about this and there seems to be a plethora of possible fixes, of which we have tried several to no avail. Anyone else having this issue and have a fix that worked for them? Our server mods are RHS, NIArms, CUP Vehicles and Weapons, Advanced Towing/Rapelling/SlingLoading, Advanced Movement, CBA, HAP, HVP, HWP and NatoRus Vehicles and Weapons. Thanks in advance for any response and/or help. -Sam
  3. davethenuge

    Unable to locate BAF item lists

    I've recently installed the BAF mods to my server but am unable to find an item list anywhere. I had downloaded the trader master list (an amazing collection), but this mod's equipment and weapons trader folders and lists are not in it. Since I wasn't sure where else to go, does anyone have this list or a place I could find it? Thanks in advance for any response. -Sam