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  1. EEZY-E

    A3Launcher trouble joining

    If i try to join my server using the A3Launcher (which a lot of people join servers through). It gives me the following error message: Once i try to join my server directly via the in-game server browser it lets me join perfectly fine. So this must mean that there is an issue with A3Launcher. How can i fix this, because i feel like im losing a lot of potential players with this bug.
  2. EEZY-E

    EBM Doors not opening after restart bug

    Guys i fixed the problem! I used the Chernarus mission pbo from the post below, in the config.cpp there was already a fix for the door bug. Although in the config.cpp file it redirected it to a folder called Fixes/*filename*.sqf In that file name it didn't include any of the Extended Base Mod objects. I only found out after reading the installation file of EBM again. What i did was i removed the line that was in the config.cpp file directing to the Fixes folder, and added the correct lines that were in the installation guide of EBM. All fixed now!
  3. EEZY-E

    EBM Doors not opening after restart bug

    I got the exact same problem that @slyowner19 has. Once players place any EBM object it works perfectly fine (the doors can open and close). But when the server restarts none of the EBM doors can be opened. The objects and doors that come with Exile mod itself work perfectly fine. I also added the EBM items to my ExileServer_object_construction_database_load.sqf file but it still does not work, the doors of EBM objects wont open at all after a restart.
  4. I just added the Extended Base Mod to my server and i noticed that the doors aren't opening after restarting the server. I know there is a thread on the forums with a fix for this bug (the one below). I have tried using the method in the thread below but without success. I hope someone can help me out. Im using a dedicated ubuntu 16.04 server if that helps. (Thread that i was talking about: )
  5. EEZY-E

    EBM Door Fix

    This helped me a lot thanks @Bombstock ! EDIT: I did exactly what you described in the post but the doors still wont open.
  6. EEZY-E

    CUP Buildings - Cant pickup loot

    I just added that script and started my server back up. Thanks everyone for the swift replies!
  7. EEZY-E

    CUP Buildings - Cant pickup loot

    Really? Thats awesome, does that also mean that i can replace the buildings that you cant enter with ones that you are able to enter?
  8. EEZY-E

    CUP Buildings - Cant pickup loot

    That kinda sucks.. Thanks for letting me know, i guess there is not much to do then.
  9. EEZY-E

    CUP Buildings - Cant pickup loot

    But the thing is, only the top floor of this building wont let me pick up items. The other floors work perfectly fine.
  10. EEZY-E

    CUP Buildings - Cant pickup loot

    Im changing some of the loot spots in the CUP Chernarus buildings. And im having trouble with atleast 1 building (could be more buildings im not sure). The loot spawns in perfectly fine but, when i try to pick it up it wont let me. Even when i drop an item myself i cant pick it up afterwards. So far i only have this issue with this specific building:
  11. EEZY-E

    Exile Expansion - A Community Expansion Mod for Exile

    The 12 Statusbar Icons could you show us a screenshot of those icons? I like the idea a lot!
  12. EEZY-E

    Open building doors in traderzones on server start

    You should be able to change the properties of the building to set the door to be open at the server start
  13. EEZY-E

    Car parts floating mid air

    When i browse through those topics it appears that this is Arma 3 related, not Exile related? So this bug could happen to standard cars in Arma 3 as well? If thats the case then there is literally nothing to be done to fix this bug right? EDIT: I just spawned multiple Exile cars and the bug appears on them all. When i spawn a "regular" Arma 3 car the bug doesn't appear. EDIT2: The Exile_Golf car doesn't have the bug
  14. EEZY-E

    Car parts floating mid air

    Whenever a car is spawned with a broken wheel for example, it bugs and shows the wheel itself hovering above it. When i move my camera it sometimes disappears and comes back. I'm not sure if this is only with this particular car or with all of the cars, or even other vehicles. What could be of help is; the car did spawn inside of a trader zone somehow. Could this be causing the bug, or could it be something else? And when i enter the car it even screws up the position my character should sit in. Here are some screenshots:
  15. Aaah, that makes so much sense! Thanks you so much!