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  1. NIkita Bel

    64bit Server

    У этого парня переопределено около 20 функций Exile. Еси будет обновление, то придется переписывать все заново, что бы обеспечить совместимость.. Похоже придется дожидаться официальной поддержки extDB3..
  2. NIkita Bel

    [FIXED][LINUX]Call extension 'extDB2' could not be found

    Its not mine idea, but it works! How we fix it: 1. copy to root arma folder 2. rename it to @ExileServer\ dont forget to escape '\' type it in linux console cp @ExileServer\\ 3. restart server 4. Now new directory extDB w'll be created in root folder. Copy folder sql_custom_v2 from \@ExileServer\extDB to \extDB 5. restart server it looks very bad (slash in name) but it works.
  3. NIkita Bel

    possible incoming Arma3 1.68 update

    After updating server we have this error on loading: file is in @exileserver folder. Copying it to root game folder not helped we checked dependencies - all good
  4. NIkita Bel

    64bit Server

    Кто перешел на 64bit сервер - есть сравнения по производительности с 32bit версией?
  5. NIkita Bel

    Remove Radiation zone on the fly

    finally i done this. You pointed me to the right direction! My first mistake was because ExileClient_system_radiation_thread_update.sqf works client-side, and mission script works on server side. i seen that marker can be removed from both server and client map, and that helped me to make checking if marker still exist and clear ExileContaminatedZones in ExileClient_system_radiation_thread_update.sqf. If ExileContaminatedZones array on client-side doesn't contain zone coordinates - no effect at this location applies on player.
  6. NIkita Bel

    Remove Radiation zone on the fly

    i tried.. i found, that all radiation checks goes inside foreach loop for ExileContaminatedZones array. I can substract my zone from it: _arrRemoveZone = [[[21845.1,20977.6,0],300,400]]; ExileContaminatedZones = ExileContaminatedZones - _arrRemoveZone; or just reassign ExileContaminatedZones ExileContaminatedZones = []; but i do it in mission script, and it doesn't help me.. maybe those scripts have different scopes for variables? i mean setting ExileContaminatedZones array in mission script doesn't affect ExileContaminatedZones in ExileClient_system_radiation_thread_update.sqf function file? Maybe solution is in ExileClient_system_radiation_event_onPlayerDied function?
  7. NIkita Bel

    Remove Radiation zone on the fly

    Hi all! I want remove radiation effect from zone after 'dynamic mission' complition.. i can remove marker 'ExileContaminatedZone', but effect is still on player.. i can go outside removed zone radius - it will be offed, but when player comes back - effect is still applies.. { _currMarker = toArray _x; _currMarkerName = toString _currMarker; if(_currMarkerName == "ContaminatedZoneGhostHotel") then { deleteMarker _x; }; } foreach allMapMarkers; How can i totally remove radiation effect on some events?
  8. NIkita Bel

    Abandoned Safe Event Not Changing Lock Code

    we have the same thing pin code is not 0000.
  9. NIkita Bel

    Base Deleted - get it back?

    in MySQL base find you user uid (like 76561198124921036) in player table. change 'last_paid_at' date and UID in query to your needs UPDATE `territory` SET `territory`.`deleted_at` = Null, `territory`.`last_paid_at` = '2017-02-16 19:17:09' where `territory`.`owner_uid` = 76561198124921036; Then you need ID from table territory, it will be territory_id in next queries: UPDATE `construction` SET `deleted_at` = Null where `construction`.`territory_id` = 5; UPDATE `container` SET `container`.`deleted_at` = Null where `container`.`territory_id` = 5; Now you need to restart server. This helped me to restore user base.
  10. NIkita Bel

    Making mod

    yes, but how can i write UID to database, on vehicle object creation into the table 'vehicle', in same row, in column 'player_uid' ?
  11. NIkita Bel

    Making mod

    Thx alot! Bu how can i store UID in DB table? I realize i need to send NetworkMessage request, but in 'purchaseVehicleRequest' from CfgNetworkMessages there is no UID parameter. Do i need to write own request function?
  12. NIkita Bel

    Making mod

    Hi! I'm new in SQF syntax, but have experience on other programming languages.. i want to made my first small app/mod. What this app (or mod) will do: 1. When player buys vehicle, players UID must be stored with vehicle data in 'player_uid' column in 'vehicle' table in Exile DB. 2. When any player wants to sell vehicle - check must be performed: if vehicle.player_uid is not Null: if player.uid != vehicle.player_uid: throw error: "Only owner can sell this vehicle!" brake sell process This is starting functionality.. Can someone help me with development process - point where to read, how to organize code?
  13. NIkita Bel

    Make some stuff saleable

    I just want to make rocket-launchers salable to trader.. (now its 'unsalable'). i added weapon classes to config.cpp class launch_NLAW_F { quality = 4; price = 2500; }; // PCML Launcher class NLAW_F { quality = 4; price = 1500; }; // PCML Rocket class launch_RPG32_F { quality = 4; price = 2500; }; // RPG-42 Alamut class RPG32_HE_F { quality = 4; price = 1500; }; // RPG-42 HE rocket class RPG32_F { quality = 4; price = 1500; }; // RPG-42 rocket in to the CfgExileArsenal class.. but those items still unsalable.. what do i need to do more?
  14. NIkita Bel

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    I have a problem with spawned persistent vehicles.. it costs 0 on trade zone.. How can i fix it? "Exile_Chopper_Huey_Armed_Desert", Exile_Chopper_Hellcat_FIA", "Exile_Chopper_Hellcat_Green" in AVS_configuration.sqf: All vehicles in mission config file have there cost definitions.
  15. Hi all! I create Exile_Trader_Vehicle trader.. but when i buy vehicle it sometimes explodes right after spawn. after some tests i found it happens when ground on spawn area found is not flat.. any recommendation for fix?