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  1. MintGaming

    Server Crashes

    Hi, Is anyone else getting random server crashes since last update with no errors in logs? Can go 1 or 2 resets without a problem then suddenly all players loose connection, server goes to 0/0 and doesn't reset but shows nothing in the logs. Before the crashes the Server FPS is 47, CPU is at 25% Ram at 20%. No desync, lag or anything just crash. This is happening on both my exile servers on different servers but at the same node. Trying to work out if its a problem at the node or a problem with the server and the last 1.68 update. Thanks Tony
  2. MintGaming

    [RELEASE] ExileMod Re-Arm/Repair (New Release 16/09/18!)

    Flares don't work for me either do smoke screen, I get the option and it says its re-armed them but they are not there after or cant be fired.
  3. MintGaming

    Breaching Charge Timers

    Hi, does anyone know if its possible to lower all 3 types of the breaching charges? I have looked in the server and client files for the time to make an override custom code, but either its not there or I keep missing it. I would like wood to take 1 min, metal 2 mins and bigmomma 3 mins each one. Thanks
  4. MintGaming

    Help please. Automatic family when first joining the server

    Thanks, I got it by editing the columns in account and changing the default clan id to the one I have created for new players. One guy just joined at it worked.
  5. MintGaming

    Help please. Automatic family when first joining the server

    Ah, Think I may have it, will update if it works.
  6. Hi, I am looking for some help. I would like to make it so that when a new player joins the server they are automatically placed into a starting family. They can leave after and start their own but it would just be a starting point for new players and a chance for single players to make groups meet other players etc. I am thinking that this could be done with the data base. Thanks.
  7. MintGaming

    ExileMod Advanced Repair Script

    Hi, Has anyone got headlights to repair on their own on exile? I have tried so many hitlight variants but none seem to work. if (_action == 'repairRL') then { _vehicleClass = typeOf cursortarget; if (_vehicleClass == "Exile_Car_HEMMT")then { _partsToActOn = ["Light_R","Light_R2","light_r","light_r2","Light_R","HitLight_R2","Hitlight_r","Hitlight_r2"]; } else { if (_vehicleClass == "Exile_Car_Zamak" || _vehicleClass == "Exile_Car_Tempest" || _vehicleClass == "Exile_Car_Ural_Open_Worker" || _vehicleClass == "Exile_Car_Ural_Open_Blue" || _vehicleClass == "Exile_Car_Ural_Open_Military" || _vehicleClass == "Exile_Car_Ural_Open_Yellow" || _vehicleClass == "Exile_Car_Ural_Covered_Worker" || _vehicleClass == "Exile_Car_Ural_Covered_Blue" || _vehicleClass == "Exile_Car_Ural_Covered_Military" || _vehicleClass == "Exile_Car_Ural_Covered_Yellow" || _vehicleClass == "Exile_Car_V3S_Open" || _vehicleClass == "Exile_Car_V3S_Covered") then { _partsToActOn = ["Light_R","Light_R2","light_r","light_r2","Light_R","HitLight_R2","Hitlight_r","Hitlight_r2"]; } else { _partsToActOn = ["Light_R","Light_R2","light_r","light_r2","Light_R","HitLight_R2","Hitlight_r","Hitlight_r2"]; }; }; _partsNeeded = [ ["Exile_Item_LightBulb","Light Bulb"] ]; _itemsNeeded = [ ["Exile_Item_Screwdriver","ScrewDriver"] ]; _itemAction = 0; _duration = 10; }; After destroying the headlight and going to repair it, it says all parts are fine. Thanks
  8. MintGaming

    Vehicle Headlights Hitpoints name

    Thanks, I have them in my custom repair script but it refuses to detect the broken headlights. However HitLight on heli works.
  9. MintGaming

    Vehicle Headlights Hitpoints name

    Hi, Does anyone happen to know the correct Hitpoint name for vehicle headlights? Thanks
  10. MintGaming

    APOCALYPSE Dayz Survival

    APOCALYPSE by MintGaming Survival PVP and PVE Zombies Zombie Missions! Infection Reduced Altis Map Admin Event Area (away from main part of map) for events No Traders, Respect or Money Craft, loot and earn everything Select Loot Persistent vehicles Custom Repairs Custom Crafting Custom Map Areas Improved objects and looks in towns (expanding city by city) No map markers (unless you have a GPS) No Team ESP, markers No Shift Left click markers Dark nights Friendly Admins No flag payments No safes, raids Much more If you want a survival focused server this is the server for you. With lots of custom scripts to make it a survival server, map edits and constant improvements. Check out the Showcase below: Website: