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  1. FallenActual94

    Need Help. adding death markers to map

    the only thing i could find close to this is ExileClient_object_player_event_onKilled = "Fixes\A166Fixes\ExileClient_object_player_event_onKilled.sqf"; is that it
  2. FallenActual94

    Need Help. adding death markers to map

    in my Exile Server.PBO the closest sqf I have is found in the code folder and is called ExileServer_object_player_event_onMpKilled.sqf I cannot find anything in the Exile_Server_Config.pbo any clue side not is the old fixes causeing this to not show death markers if so how do i delete them or well where do find them
  3. FallenActual94

    Advanced Towing now working

    Hey there community I've been crushing issues popping up on my server for the past few days with little issue however I have advanced towing, repelling, and hooking in my server and they all work except towing I dont get the option to tow any vehicles even though its it successfully implemented on my server Idk why its not working when hooking is I did have to turn off some things in infistar to get hooking to work but it was just an issue of it de attaching after attaching the ropes with towing i dont even get the option to to a car to a truck any ideas?
  4. FallenActual94

    Need Help. adding death markers to map

    I'm Running All the CUP, TRYK, advanced roping and towing, NI arms, ZCP, DMS, and Roaming AI and the only things I can think of that would have any affect on the map would be ZCP, DMS, or Roaming AI but I've looked through all the files and haven't been able to find any options that I think would affect the death icons
  5. FallenActual94

    Need Help. adding death markers to map

    in the configuration file where i set what mission I am using there is only regular and hardcore and its been set on regular since day 1 however idk if this is what you are referring to or not as nothing I see says exile regular or anything so below should be an images of what im seeing
  6. FallenActual94

    Need Help. adding death markers to map

    it is set to regular
  7. FallenActual94

    Need Help. adding death markers to map

    I followed your instructions it didn't affect anything in game but also didnt add the death markers
  8. FallenActual94

    Need Help. adding death markers to map

    Hey guys thanks to everyone here in the exile mod fourms my servers coming along smoothly and I just wanted to thank everyone for the help but I have one more question to ask where the heck to do turn on death markers I.E. when you die you can see your body on the map marked with the red skull? I have infistar installed so idk if its blocking it or its just a setting somewhere i dont know to turn on.
  9. FallenActual94

    Need Help. Changing Rep

    thank you! I found it
  10. FallenActual94

    Need Help. Changing Rep

    Hey there Exile Community I have a quick question I have been looking for how to change rep gained when selling items I.E waste dumping and individually selling items however I have been control F'ing every file I can think of and have searched multiple sites with no avial, does anyone know how to do this or where to find the value i have to change without changing the item sell prices or buy back raitio.
  11. Good morning, I recently stared hosting a server rented through GTX Gaming and I have successfully installed various mods on the server no problem however I am trying to make the server a high military loot spawn server with CUP, TRYK, and NI ARMS items spawning around the map of chernarus and be able to sell and buy each item at the trader however after days of testing loot tables with the loot complier provided by exilemod.com and trying to use pre made ones found around the interwebs I have not been able to get any successful results if someone would be willing to take the time and talk me through adding the items properly or has a pre set script I can just copy and paste with theses 3 mods that would be awesome!