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  1. ill try, thanks!!!
  2. Hey, im trying to fix my problem that i can't spawn after arma 3 update: and i read something that may help you. Sorry if it isn't the case. There are the file: ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf that spawns bambies (or it should lol) I found those lines, that sets up player's variables: ... _bambiPlayer setPosATL [_position select 0,_position select 1,0]; _bambiPlayer disableAI "FSM"; _bambiPlayer disableAI "MOVE"; _bambiPlayer disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _bambiPlayer disableAI "TARGET"; _bambiPlayer disableAI "CHECKVISIBLE"; _bambiPlayer setDir _direction; _bambiPlayer setName _name; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileMoney", 0, true]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileScore", (_accountData select 0)]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileKills", (_accountData select 1)]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileDeaths", (_accountData select 2)]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileClanID", _clanID]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileClanData", _clanData]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileHunger", 100]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileThirst", 100]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileTemperature", 37]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileWetness", 0]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileAlcohol", 0]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileName", _name]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileOwnerUID", getPlayerUID _requestingPlayer]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileIsBambi", true]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileXM8IsOnline", false, true]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileLocker", (_accountData select 4), true]; _devFriendlyMode = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "ServerSettings" >> "devFriendyMode"); if (_devFriendlyMode isEqualTo 1) then { _devs = getArray (configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "ServerSettings" >> "devs"); { if ((getPlayerUID _requestingPlayer) isEqualTo (_x select 0))exitWith { if((name _requestingPlayer) isEqualTo (_x select 1))then { _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileMoney", 500000, true]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileScore", 100000]; }; }; } forEach _devs; }; ... As you can see, on those code it always set hunger and thirsty 100. _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileHunger", 100]; _bambiPlayer setVariable ["ExileThirst", 100]; I think is that because spawn babies maybe spawns died players? So them spawns with full hunger/thirsty... But u can check for files to spawn players and find some way to pick those values from db. Sorry i can't help u more... Good luck, bro!
  3. 2 days now that i can't play... i really can't figure out how fix this error. Anyone, please? Thank you!!!!
  4. Yes but it looks like incomplete. I suggest you delete all ur rtp logs and try again. Server RTP is at: C:\Arma\Server (got it from ur log) Client RTP is at: "%localappdata%\arma 3"
  5. I would really appreciate any help here, please... Thank you!!!!!
  6. Im getting bambi timed out after new arma 3 update. I didn't change the sacript, it just stops to work. Could anyone help me, please? Im getting error with this line: ExileClientSpawnLocationSelectionDone = true; Error: 21:42:47 Suspending not allowed in this context 21:42:47 Error in expression <nRegistry pushBack [_baseName, time]; uiSleep 0.1; closeDialog 1; true> 21:42:47 Error position: <uiSleep 0.1; closeDialog 1; true> 21:42:47 Error Generic error in expression 21:42:47 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Tanoa\xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onSpawnButtonClick.sqf, line 37 ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onSpawnButtonClick.sqf: ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf: Thank you!!!!
  7. Hey could u help me, please? I'm using your code and it was working all right since arma 3 last update. Now im getting error: Bambi time creation timed out. Could u help me, please? Error: 11:55:15 "ExileClient - Processing character..." 11:55:15 "ExileClient - Selecting spawn area..." 11:55:15 "ExileClient - Waiting for dialog to open..." 11:55:17 "Joew/BIS_fnc_log: [BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler] Stack as been updated with ID (atkTeleport) for Event (onmapsingleclick), Replaced: (false)" 11:55:24 Suspending not allowed in this context 11:55:24 Error in expression <lientSpawnLocationSelectionDone = true; uiSleep 0.1; closeDialog 1; true> 11:55:24 Error position: <uiSleep 0.1; closeDialog 1; true> 11:55:24 Error Generic error in expression 11:55:24 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Tanoa\xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onSpawnButtonClick.sqf, line 37 11:55:24 "ExileClient - Requesting bambi character..." 11:55:54 "ExileClient - Error: Bambi creation timeout" ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onSpawnButtonClick.sqf: Thank you!!!
  8. I got this problem too and u figured me how to fix it, so im here to help u too, thanks bro: You will need steamcmd: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD Create a new file at the same folder thats your steamcmd.exe file and save it as .bat format. Use this code to create your .bat file and update your server: Change: F:\servers\Exile\ to the same folder that u've ur arma3server.exe or arma3server_x64.exe Run it and done.
  9. Ty !!! TADS is very good, you should try it The problem was arma 3 updated. So i just updated the server and it works again. Now im getting another trouble. If u die u cant respawn thats getting connection expired trying creating bambi player =( I'm going check it now to find a solution
  10. Hi! I've always tested my servers on dedicated, but now i tried to test it on the same pc. I downloaded all arma 3 exile server folder from my dedicated to my pc. Created and imported the database. Created the same user and pass as exitdb3 config Changed the arma3dedicated_x64.exe on TADS config to the correct path. Started the dedicated with success (TADS). No errors. The problem is i can't find the server on my Arma 3. Tried added it to steam servers ( and localhost port 2302) nothing. Tried to find it on LAN tab in arma 3 game, nothing listed Tried direct connect to and localhost ip nothing. Tried to connect with Dart on rcon, nothing... Its like as server isn't running... But it is *.* No errors on client rpt neighter server rtp... On client it stuck loading.. On server don't shows player connected... Any idea, please? lol its the first time that i cant connect by lan lol. Thank you! FIX: Just update the server.
  11. Could anyone please help me using it with extDB3, please? After installed AVS im getting stuck in ground bug (must be database bug). I can't fix it. I'm pretty sure its db problem. Server RTP: https://pastebin.com/KrT2NXqX Client RTP: https://pastebin.com/1SpW7CqQ Client looks clean, but server's rtp i think the error is: I'm not sure. Can't figured out how fix it. Could anyone help me fix it, please? Thank you!
  12. I thought it was not difficult to do but i didn't even find the script that makes the Refuel. Anyone knew which one is it? I want to change the text "Refueling..." that appears at center of screen to something more visible, maybe an icon flashing and want try slow down the speed of refuel. You even didn't stop and are all refueled... lol If anyone could help me finding the script file, i try to check for the generator Thank you!!!
  13. 50. But is hard meet then. I placed 50 at total: 3 boats 1 heli and 5 cars. I just find the heli all time that i played. And i config one taxi heli too. 3 missions at same time, 1 heli crash, 2 suply drops. Are all AI spawned at the same time? Thank you!!
  14. Hi, good! I knew that arma 3 always have many troubles with fps but now i want some help. It was running good, 55~60+ fps no trouble. After i installed dms+occupation and just a few other mods: Advanced tow, advanced sling, a3f, ebm and enhanced movement, no more, i noticed that servers crapped fps to low. Many time fps just drops to 19, 22 that causes the "little freezes". Its all clientside, don't knew about server. Most perceptive while driving at 1st person. I've an i7 3.5ghz, 16gb ram and gtx 980ti asus strix 6gb. And i don't play arma 3 in 4k because its impossible im using 1080p now. W2008 server with 8gb ram dual xenon 3.2ghz... a3 64 bit server and client. Maybe some wrong config? Anyone has same issues or knew a way to better it? Thank you!