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  1. Would it be possible to have infistar lock a server on startup for x minutes so that people can't join in before everything has been spawned in etc? This is currently a feature in the default Exile config, but it also means to enable the shutdown and restart features. I'd much rather have infistar control all of it.
  2. malfunc

    How to remove JETS DLC from server?

    @Rappidxshots That's not what I mean. When I try to join my server using the Arma 3 Launcher, it will show this: Before 1.72 I could just remove the "jets" folder and that would make the message not show. But that's not an option after 1.72.
  3. malfunc

    How to remove JETS DLC from server?

    Since the last A3 update, it seems impossible to remove the Jets DLC from the server. I don't want it there as I don't use any of it's content and as long as it's there, it will prompt for players to install it if they don't own it already. Before the 1.72 update i could just remove the "jets" folder, but doing that after the 1.72 update results in several errors. Anyone has ideas as to how to remove it without it producing a bunch of errors?
  4. malfunc


    you should probably add it to the readme though, i was pretty confused as well. I don't like overriding stuff without knowing what it is, but I also don't like leaving a file like that as it sounds like something i need to act on
  5. malfunc

    Loot Table Compiler

    @WolfkillArcadia forgot to tag ya in my post, so here goes
  6. malfunc

    Need a config file with RHSUSAF RHSAFRF And Extended base mods

    I would have no problem helping if you actually made an effort to fix it yourself. But this is just plain lazy.
  7. malfunc

    Loot Table Compiler

    I can't get this to work. After adding the newly compiled loottable and the 3 overwrites, I can't join in. This error shows up in server rpt: 16:47:19 Error in expression <thread_threadAdjust.sqf" if (ExileSystemThreadDelays isEqualTo []) th> 16:47:19 Error position: <ExileSystemThreadDelays isEqualTo []) th> 16:47:19 Error Undefined variable in expression: exilesystemthreaddelays 16:47:19 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_thread_threadAdjust.sqf, line 12 16:47:19 Error in expression <hreadID = param [4, false]; _threadId = ExileSystemThreadID; if(_pushBackThreadI> 16:47:19 Error position: <ExileSystemThreadID; if(_pushBackThreadI> 16:47:19 Error Undefined variable in expression: exilesystemthreadid 16:47:19 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_thread_addTask.sqf, line 18 Clientside I just get to the point where i see some grass (like you do 1-2 seconds before spawning in). It stays there. Infistar says "Waiting for client to be ready". I can't bring up the game menu with ESC and infistar menu doesn't work either. Am I doing this correctly? I have added the following 3 lines inside my CfgExileCustomCode: ExileServer_system_lootManager_dropItem = "ExileServer_system_lootManager_dropItem.sqf"; ExileServer_system_lootManager_initialize = "ExileServer_system_lootManager_initialize"; ExileServer_system_process_postInit = "ExileServer_system_process_postInit"; and placed CfgExileLoot.hpp inside exile_server_config.pbo, then deleted the entire CfgLootTables class and added #include "CfgExileLoot.hpp".
  8. malfunc

    infiSTAR notification messages as systemchat?

    nice! thanks for listening to the community
  9. malfunc

    infiSTAR notification messages as systemchat?

    I just tested, and it does work exactly as intended. Still unsure how it will perform on a full server though.
  10. malfunc

    infiSTAR notification messages as systemchat?

    Wouldn't I be able to it like this (sleep 180 added to foreach), and put the whole thing into initPlayerLocal.sqf? Wouldn't that offload it to the client and at the same time not affect server performance at all? MessageArray = [ "Message1", "Message2", "Message3", "Message4" //Just add more if needed.... ]; fn_send = { {systemChat _x; sleep 180;} forEach MessageArray; }; [180, fn_send, [], true] call ExileClient_system_thread_addtask;
  11. malfunc

    infiSTAR notification messages as systemchat?

    Just to be sure - if I go with the sleep UI method, it won't be an issue if we get 50 players on as it's running client side? Or will it still affect the server performance?
  12. malfunc

    infiSTAR notification messages as systemchat?

    Yeah I thought about it, but then I would have to run a whole other application just to get looping messages which seems a bit heavy. Infistar has a built in function for looping messages, but only the flashy strip club kind. It doesn't seem to support systemchat messages, and I can't get a reply from the infistar dude about it.
  13. malfunc

    infiSTAR notification messages as systemchat?

    Thanks both of you! And sorry for late reply, I haven't read them until just now. Forgot to hit the "notify me" switch Aaaanyways, I just tried using Cloud22's version, but it's not working as I hoped it would. This version will output all messages in the array every 180 seconds instead of one message every 180 seconds. I know I can just run several instances of the script with only 1 message, but that would take up a lot of server threads which I guess would be bad. Any ideas as to how I can get this behaviour (1 message every x seconds)?
  14. malfunc

    server performance 1.68

    Yeah I noticed, but to be fair he remembered to credit the original authors in most of the posts I've seen. Yes, the trader-bought vehicle specific spawn thing.
  15. malfunc

    server performance 1.68

    I'm aware. I just couldn't find any explanation as to why he suddenly left and killed his popular posts. I then found this thread and credited his leaving to it.