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    FOG DayZ Chernarus 2035

    Failover Gaming has existed for about two years now. We are a growing community and are looking forward to continuing that growth! Why should you join our server? Well, this server is a highly militarized server, reminiscent of The gold old DayZ Epoch, you start with 50 thousand Poptabs, which is more than enough to get you into a decent load out, and a nice vehicle to get you into the fight almost immediately! You are capable of deploying your good old friend the Mozzie Helicopter to get you to the trader that much sooner after spawn! Roaming AI and copious amounts of missions will keep you entertained for Hours on END! Once you have entered the fight and established yourself, you will get respect, (duh), but with the implementation of respect based loadouts, you will always be ahead of the curve even if you are inevitably killed. New players will receive 5k respect, putting you into the second respect class, allowing you to buy even more powerful items!
  2. Ndp1415

    Failovergaming.com Chernarus

    Failover gaming comes complete with All CUP content to enhance your Arma 3 exile experience. We have a very active team of administrators, and we are also looking to recruit more admins. We also include ryanzombies for an immersive dayZesque game play environment. With the zomibes an actual threat instead of passive walking things. A list of mods required is as follows: Exile client CUP_TERRAINS_CORE CUP_TERRAINS_MAPS Ryanzombies CBA_A3 CUP_Units CUP_Vehicles CUP_Weapons JOIN US AND BECOME PART OF FAILOVER GAMING TODAY!