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  1. To say it in @kuplion's words :" Not without another mod to override the existing config. "
  2. Hey there First of all i would remove guns with attachements because you can easily dupe them and sometimes they causes errors. Second have a look into your warning messages: size "/" not an array. im not a expert in coding but it seems there is something wrong lol
  3. Ace

    Hast du es mittlerweile herausgefunden? Ich habe gehört, dass das Medic System generell mit Exile gebuggt hat, deshalb haben ca. 90 % der Leute ( in den Threads die ich gelesen habe ) das Projekt Exile-ACE eingestellt. Ich würde es selber gerne aufspielen, vorrausgesetzt es funktioniert. ^^
  4. @NFGCaboose-1 hey there! i know how to place markers with exile_eden but then you have to select them to be a safezone or spawnzone etc. How do you set up the markers? and a thought of mine, cant i just put one big marker on 90 % of the map and configure it with like 30 IED's ? i mean the script will look for roads so it will be much more randomized.
  5. It's not working for me either, i repacked the pbo but it doesnt show any result. Edit: I didnt change the Difficulty to "Custom".
  6. Hello @Riker2335, thanks for replying. Yeah you are right but the server is restricted to a certain number of people who likes it very ... tough. Me included ^^ Also the concept of the server is Desertfeeling and most of the soldiers in warzones get killed from IED's. I will try this, that sounds kinda easy. how do you think it will affect the server fps? shouldnt be a problem at all with 20-30 mines in a 1x1km area i guess?
  7. Well, thats the best mod for my server since we are playing on a password pve server with a small clan but i have absolutely no clue how to install this, do i have to install the ExAd or is there a way around this?
  8. What code you mean? I believe it isnt that hard to put the uniforms to the side which the player is or stop the enigma revive system from deleting it from your body. but that just said by me and unfortunately im not as good as you guys with these cripts.
  9. do you have a link to the custom revive maybe? dont really want to bother you how you set it up
  10. Is there a fix now for the uniforms which despawns after you revive someone? It happens with CUP and BWMod uniforms so far. @kuplion really sorry to link you here but i read on the previous pages you had the same problem. maybe you can help me out here
  11. Hello Community! I used the search bar and looked for "minefields" but nothing interesting popped up so i will ask here with a new topic. At the moment i customize a takistan server (pve clan server) with full desert feeling and i was thinking about mines all over the map or maybe in specific positions. Is there a way to do this? Maybe with DMS Missions?
  12. Hello Guys, is there a way to more randomize the hunting Ai? Like if i put a rocketlauncher in their equipment three out of six ai's get a rocketlauncher. Thats quite too much for me ^^
  13. Push
  14. Wenn keine spezifische Fehlermeldung vorliegt, würde ich Exile einmal seperat lagern und jeweils auf beiden PC's Arma neu installieren. Wenn der Fehler dann immernoch kommt, kann man Arma als Ursache schonmal ausschließen.
  15. Hey Leute, ich betreibe einen privaten Exile Server mit dem Thema "Afghanistan" in Richtung Realismus. Da schätzungsweise ein großteil der Soldaten alleine durch IED's sterben, kam mir die Idee eine DMS Mission zu schreiben/erstellen in der verschiedene Straßenwege (eingetragen in einer Config z.B durch Koordinaten die man selbst setzen kann), zufallshäufigkeit der Minen, Radius und welche Art von Minen benutzt werden, definiert werden kann. Allerdings habe ich davon wenig Ahnung, stelle mir das allerdings nicht all zu schwer vor. Eine Mission ist ja sonst nichts anderes, nur andere Objekte und eine Belohnung bei Abschluss (die dann logischerweise auch wegfällt). Wer sich damit auskennt und sich dran wagt oder mir eine Lehrstunde geben möchte, der möge sich doch bitte unten melden. Danke für euer Interesse an diesem Beitrag, schönes Wochenende euch!