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  1. swizz_chris


    We are about to insert a custom Black market trader in the next few days where you get some special gear for a lot of pop tabs.......
  2. swizz_chris


    We added a New Custom Map Location Called "The Prison" on Klem Mountain... Here is a Screenshot of it... Enjoy and have fun...
  3. Really sorry to bother you but we got the same issue.... ^^ Any chance you might help? Thanks in advance!! [url=http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/][img=http://cache.gametracker.com/server_info/][/url]
  4. swizz_chris


    We just added [BRAma] Cookbook to the xm8 app when you press 6 > More > Recipes There you can now find all crafting recipes in your xm8 app..... By the way here is another screen shot of the map...
  5. swizz_chris

    Breaching Charge Attaching Error

    Thanks anyway all info is helpful... And if anybody comes up with a fix we all would be happy to hear of it!
  6. swizz_chris

    Breaching Charge Attaching Error

    So did you manage to come up with a solution by any chance? Help would be most appreciated .
  7. swizz_chris


    So quite a bit has happened.... We added a Underwater Mission.............. Adjusted the loot tables and added CUP Weapons to them Feel free to give feedback on the new implementations.
  8. swizz_chris

    Breaching Charge Attaching Error

    We also have encountered this issue.... Does anybody know a work around.....??? Thanks in advance!
  9. swizz_chris


    Happy Easter.... We have a admin event ester egg hunt tonight starting at 21.00 come by and find the crates.....
  10. swizz_chris


    We have customized the loot tables and have adjusted trader prices: Buy prices x 10 ; Sell 10% of purchase value Its used right