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  1. alehN

    [ARG] Exile Tanoa

    Some our features Bandit traders Custom Xm8 apps Code lock grinding Custom Missions Custom standalone loot system Custom Vehicles DMS Missions Player scan Private messaging Safe lock picking Thermal Scanning 30 Min timeout Virtual Garage Hack System Virtual Garage Custom Loot ,Building and Position in Radiation Zone New isle active to play
  2. alehN

    [ARG] Arma 3 Exile Tanoa High FP

    ARG Exile Tanoa Open in 1 Hour! Custom Missions, Custom Radiation zone, High FPS, Hack, Grind and more!. Are you going to miss it?
  3. Its possible to change vehicle spawn? I want Armed Strider/Hunter or ifrit
  4. alehN

    Thermal Vision

    Thanks @xDaVIRUS its possible disable the thermal from the H_HelmetO_ViperSP_hex_F Special Purpose Helmet (Hex) ?? I want to add this item in the loot but only NV, no thermal.
  5. alehN

    Thermal Vision

    Hi, idk how to remove the thermal vision from all vehicles, scopes and helmets. Can anyone help me? thanks
  6. alehN

    Napf Map Help

    Hi everyone, im new in exiles servers so idk how to change the default malp Altis to Napf and add missions, anyone can help me with that? i know, im noob in this...