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  1. thanks has it ever worked on a server as the map looks so good
  2. hello im wondering if anyone can give me a little help as im having server problems my server keeps looping. i think these are the main problems but not sure: heres my full rpt: https://pastebin.com/SQum8YGE
  3. can someone have a look thanks im just needing it looked over i still have to sort a lot of like spawn points thats the easy part but its not loading
  4. So with the 1.0.3 to 1.0.4 there has come a whole lot of changes to the game and pbo files. But I am looking at adding a new map to one of my servers I have found one that I like and have tried to remember how to load to editor then end up with a working server. So so basically is there any guides for making a new exile.mapname.pbo as I’ve been having trouble getting my old Isla-abramia.pbo and one I’m currently speaking about to work on my server any help would be appreciated thanks.
  5. ok so nogova is a cup map and i have made a mission.sqm file but when i add it to by server with cup it fails to work and i get a bunch of server errors can any one help
  6. Kk well if you need to test things out. Pm me and I can give u a shot of my server
  7. I would have the mission running on my server as long as it had ways of making money I have not tried this yet no time I have to wait 3 days
  8. Hello I am contacting you about the racetrack mission I have my server down at the moment I will have it running in 3 days I could give u access to use it as a test server for 3 days my server is ran by gamingdeluxe
  9. Could this be added to a Pvp server and made a safe zone so when u entered it your weapons disappeared until exit
  10. I'm looking for a little info on a slight problem I'm having, so I'm still working on isla Abramia trying to add mods to my server like RHS, CUP, and many more how do I fix this I'm needing to get them all working so I can import my custom villages and that in to it
  11. How do I add rhs, cup and more mods to my loot table has any one got a guide for this because the guides are not clear enough
  12. I cannot put it on GitHub it's blocking my connection to their server
  13. [UKSG] GamingLifeZ (PVP) Modern

    come join most of all have fun, let me know what yous think More to be added soon