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  1. Made two changes in server files: Added content of "additions_for_exile.ini" from Infistar package, to bottom of server "exile.ini" file; Change the method of restarting the server, from a time interval to a specific hours in EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp . In oryginal EXILE database are added (using the script from the Infistar package): record "whitelisted" in table "account" table "infistar_logs" When restarting is set to time interval, everything works fine, if I try set specific hours, start getting ERROR info, and server does not restart at all. My full rpt file in Pastebin service: RPT
  2. Sorry if this issue has already been discussed, but i have not found anywhere. Today I changed the method of restarting the server from a time interval to a specific hours. USE_RESTART_TIME_IN_M = "false"; USE_RESTART_FIXED_TIME_ARRAY = "true"; Now, after start server, getting spam in my RPT file: "<infiSTAR.de>ERROR| CAN NOT FETCH LOCAL TIME FROM ExtDB - [] [04-05-2017 10-38-33 - 0077]" Does this mean that the server will not restart at specific hours? How can I fix it? Thank you for help
  3. I have exactly the same problem, at the moment the only option for me is manually deleting the player from the "players" table in my database The only errors I get in my RPT files from the database, are generated when loading vehicles:
  4. Hi. I'm not sure 100% is this problem because of Arma update, but before issue not occurred. When a player tries to buy a vehicle, there are two cases (both defective) 1. In general, could not buy the vehicle and receive information about error number 12 and a request to contact with administrator. OR 2. Can buy vehicle, but the player does not teleport to it, just stay in front to trader and the vehicle spawn somewhere around. in this second option in RPT file occurs error: Error in expression <llExtension _query); (_result select 1) select 0> Error position: <select 0> Error Generic error in expression File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_insertSingle.sqf, line 16 additional in database, table vehicle, new vehicle obtain the HUGE id number (eg. 4294967295) while the last one before it has id number 715 Both of cases occur completly randomly (or I can not find any regularities).
  5. Hello Why after lose Static mission "Occupation" (towns occupation), very often remains few AI (about 5)? After few times, AI are cumulative, and it is confusing for players, when they can see on map eg. "15 units remaining" when there are actually 25 or more.... I will greatly appreciate for help.
  6. Hi! What can be a reason not working AI patrols on towns? I set: SC_occupyPlaces = true; // true if you want villages,towns,cities patrolled by bandits Amount of AI are much lower then "SC_maxAIcount", roaming AI in vehicles around map are normal spawning, just walker not...
  7. Hello! I have "small" problem with loot in building called "Land_Mil_Barracks" Using Dealman's 3DEN Tools I defined the position of the loot in this building, loot are respawn, but does not have access to it. In general, there no appears loot marker, nor any interaction there... So... anybody....anything....know about it, any solution? I will greatly appreciate for help. PS. I used above tool to define loot posiotion in many different buildings, but problem is only with this one
  8. For DMS In a3_dms/config.sqf file, find section /* AI Settings */ and there you have few variables: DMS_Spawn_AI_With_Money = true; // Whether or not to spawn AI with money that can be looted from the body. DMS_AIMoney_PopulationMultiplier = 5; // This determines how much EXTRA money an AI will have on his body. For example, setting this to 5 and having a server population of 30 means the AI will have an extra 150 poptabs on the body. Set to 0 to disable. DMS_Bandit_Soldier_SpawnMoney = 50; // The amount of Poptabs carried by a bandit soldier DMS_Bandit_Static_SpawnMoney = 75; // The amount of Poptabs carried by a bandit static gunner DMS_Bandit_Vehicle_SpawnMoney = 100; // The amount of Poptabs carried by a bandit vehicle crew member For Zombies.... it is depend what zombie mod are you using in your server ...
  9. Thanks for your attention.... but.... as I wrote before, I do not like to change anything in the XM8 "More" subpage, over there everything working perfect, including "Info" section. I just wanna customize button "Server Rules" on MAIN page of XM8 ! ...if this is possible of course
  10. FOE Napf PVE

    Fun Over Everything is pleased to invite to our PVE Napf EXILE Server Every new player gets 20 000 PopTabs on start, and can claim for one of our "building-box" if he decide to erect own flag on map. Also we provide a lot of adventures with AI land and air patrols, and in infected towns and villages. Radiation zone with high level loot, many missions, etc. As the server is under constant development, we will gladly accept suggestions and advice of our players, as well as constructive criticism. Full name of server: [FOE]Fun Over Everything[PL/EN]EXILE NAPF PVE|20K|Missions|Zeds Acceptable public ingame chat languages: English, Polish Required mods: Arma Enhanced Movement SM_Zombs Extended Base Mod CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles CUP Terrains-Core CUP Units Community Base Addons Napf Island A3 Exile Mod Implemented scripts (server side): Advanced Towing Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappeling Advanced Sling Load IgiLoad DMS Mission System Exile Occupation ZUPA Cap Missions Claim Vehicles Sell crates Apoc Airdrop ExAd XM8 Apps ..and much more
  11. Hi again. Yesterday I uploaded Infistar to version 0.73 and today my players start reporting troubles with towing and slinging, it is completely broken now. Me as an administrator have not this information and problems, so I suspect the problem on the side of players rights and antihack setting of Infistar. Information is flashing even if players do not towing/slinging anything, if they try to doing one of it, information start flashing again and connection between vehicles (or heli and crate/vehicle) is break immediately. I'm using Advanced Towing, Advanced Rappelling and Advanced Urban Rappeling, but for slinging by helicopters just standard ArmA 3 (EXILE) settings... With version 0.71 of Infistar everything working well... Any advice where to find the problem and how to fix it? I'll be grateful for the help.
  12. Sorry, maybe I'm blind, but can not find any information in this thread I do not like add any apps to XM8 "More" page (currently I'm using ExAd, and for me is excellent), only just change icon and name of main page XM8 located "Server Rules" button.
  13. NICE! And Thank you for good job