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  1. @Riker2335 Its not the loadout, its the skill of each model EG: Engineer can unarm an IED / Mine. The real question is the Lobby, not so much adding Max Joiners mod. I can add the mod myself if I can use the Lobby. The mod was just an example for a good reason that the Lobby should be a choice in Exile. Can the Exile Mod Team bring the Lobby back as a choice via the skiplobby = 0 function. <--- Should be a lot less work then adding a female model Thank you Best Regards Frankie
  2. @Riker2335 Its not what floats my boat. Its for a female Arma 3 player to play as a female model. Max Joiner added many combat clothing for the female model. These could be found as loot or bought at the Trader. It's for the female Arma 3 Player to have also a female face and voice. Suggestion would be to add in your exile spawn select screen an option to choose male or female, just like you let the player choose the spawn location. (This Option would be a lot of work to your Exile Client though.) If the Lobby would function the Exile Mod Team wouldn't have to worry about this. Also players could choose again what role they would want to play in game EG: Engineer, Medic, Sniper..... Arma 3 models all have special skills which you took away in your Ghost Exile Player.
  3. Hello Exile Mod Team, I also would like to see the Lobby back because it gives me the freedom to add a female player to the game. Max Joiner released a mod with female soldiers which I would like to add. There are quite a few female Arma 3 players out there. They are not being considered by the developers. Thank you Best Regards Frankie