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  1. PRJX

    [Updated] Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles

    Check if _vehicle maybe has to be _veh or whatever
  2. I can share you the fix. And if kuplion hasnt done a pull request yet i’ll do so
  3. PRJX

    10 Million Locker

    You're gonna need this one to display it right, the cfglocker one just sets the max.. @stefan.kueneth
  4. i know, and i am! i'm using this awesome system for a few days now, tweaked it here and there.. it's working great.. i would just like it to emerge into the rest of the missions alongside of them if you know what i mean.. like the way the kill notification pops up now is waaaay different then DMS, i'm not good enough of a coder myself to be able to "Port" over what DMS has into blckeagles. Eitherway, Kuplion should've done a pullrequest on the github cos hes helped me fix the "Claim Vehicle" problem i had with AI vehicles if not, either ask him or i can send you the files he updated.
  5. Thought about adding an option to use the same "Kill notification" as DMS/ZCP/Occupation?? how those popup and the bleep sound when you kill an AI?
  6. PRJX

    FuMS 0.420 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Found an error for ya, I've set myself as anchor, then cleared anchor after abit and this popped up
  7. PRJX

    Block Floor Peeking

    Very nice, thanks for sharing!