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    Traders are doubled on top of each other

    Okay, so I have tried to make a custom map and I got everything working but traders. I finally after abandoning trying to do the "TRADERS" folder zip thing put in all the code from a basic pbo file and got the traders to actually work! They have items now, but...In every trader spot there are 2 traders inside of each other where one works properly and one does not. Any ideas on what I need to remove here? I used the basic initplayerlocal.sqf created in 3den. Thank you.

    Traders are doubled on top of each other

    Damn, I actually reversed course and managed to get the files working but the same issue is occurring..I'm so confused. lol

    Cfg error I can't locate

    Trying to get my server up and running and ran into this, "line 5743: '/CfgSettings/Events.': '{' encountered instead of '='" Here is the area it says is affected. 5743 class AbandonedSafe 5744 { 5745 type = "spawn"; 5746 function = "ExileServer_system_event_abandonedSafe_start"; 5747 minTime = 60; // minutes 5748 maxTime = 120; // minutes 5749 minimumPlayersOnline = 0; 5750 markerTime = 15; // minutes 5751 }; I am probably just notepad blind from doing this for hours, but can some one please help. Thanks!