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    Dupe fix please

    Can you be a bit more descriptive?
  2. Daave

    Dupe fix please

    And where would i do this?
  3. Daave

    Dupe fix please

    Ok, so im not sure if it is CL or ServerSide so ima post it here. There is a dupe bug with fixed scope guns but i cant find out how to change it. Anyone got some info Reproduce: Get a gun with a fixed scope Take scope off, Sell it Scope is still on gun Repeat I need a fix asap please. I found this but couldn't make sense out of it, thanks! In file : exileclient_util_playerequipment_add.sqf After : _player addWeaponGlobal _itemClassName; Write the following: if (_itemType IN ["AssaultRifle","Rifle","SniperRifle","SubmachineGun","MachineGun","MachineGun"]) then { removeAllPrimaryWeaponItems _player; };