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    About MercsGaming Mercsgaming is a friendly Arma 2 DayZ mod (Epoch and Overpoch) community founded in 2014. We have worked continuously to provide a welcoming, Balanced, Fair and long-standing gaming community, which is now expanding into Arma 3 with a new Chernarus Exile server with the intention of starting a new adventure to give the best Exile experience for the Arma3 Exile Players out there. The expansion comes after a long amount of work and anticipation from dedicated staff members with many weeks of preparation leading up to the launch. The Mercsgaming Exile servers can guarantee an exciting and reliable place to invest your time with dedicated hosting for maximum fun in gameplay as well as an experienced staff team to handle every issue brought up fairly and actively togther with the forward thinking mindset of adaptability for the features suggested by the community of players and to do as we say here at Mercs; “Be the best”, which has been reflected in the previous and current mass popularity and Top Ranks of our Arma 2 servers. So if you’re looking for somewhere fun to play and lacking the experienced and fair administration of a server that will meet all your needs. Mods Required @exile @cba_a3 @cup_terrain_maps @cup_terrain_core @cup_units @cup_vehicles @cup_weapons @Rappelling @Advanced Movement Some of our Features Virtual Garages Dedicated Hosting Player Market Cap Points Deploy Quad Tow/Lift DMS Missions Grinding Hacking XM8 Revive AntiHack Safezones Custom Areas We are open to all suggestions and feedback.. Feel free to join our TS and talk to us, or contact us through the website mentioned above as well. Or just simply make a post on our website forums to grab our attention... Maximus - Founder / Co-Owner Tartarus - Co-Owner Ganja - Co-Owner We look forward to meet you !!!!