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  1. killer_machete

    Respect based loadouts & UID loadouts.

    hi im using this rank based script all works fine but i want to use ground spawning. but for some resin im still spawning in the air and get tp to the ground and die. in exile_server_config parachute spawning and halo jump is off. pastbin links ExileClient_object_player_network_createPlayerResponse ; rank ;
  2. killer_machete

    XM8 error on fresh server install

    Any update on this error sins this morning my server started doing it as well.
  3. killer_machete

    Respect based spawn gear

    hi im using this script on om server it works fine. but when i respawn it use the parachute spawning and tp me on the ground and die. if i set the para spawn of in exile confic it stays the same. any idea what can cause this. the file im using for rank spawn
  4. killer_machete

    after server update

    hi after the last arma 3 update when you place a someting with a door after a relog or restart you cant open the door again you have to remove it and place it again. does somebody know what myte be the problem
  5. killer_machete

    [Release] Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More - updated 2019-01-23

    hi guys im having this problem with my occupation file. if i leave it stock every thing works fine but once i change it as soon as the first ai vehicle spawns my map markers wound despawn and all the player vehicles move back to the running it on tanoa map and was like that before the game update. and the ai thats in the vehicles spawn with no mags for there guns heres my config file
  6. killer_machete

    Extended Base Mod

    check in the @mod folder is a folder named EBM in there you will see a recipes.hpp file.
  7. killer_machete

    [Release] Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More - updated 2019-01-23

    hi can somebody maby help me. im looking for coordinates to spawn in the AI vehicles on a altis map. in the packed pbo file it only gives for tonoa.
  8. killer_machete


    hi i just hosted my first sever still new to the scripting can point me in the direction to ad a toast messages for a server restart thx
  9. killer_machete

    Extended Base Mod

    ok got myne fixed can buy the things from trader now. for some reason the server did not pick up the #include optoins from the class lines. so i added them manual.
  10. killer_machete

    Extended Base Mod

    hi can some one help me i plased all the confic lines but dont know were to put the batteleye filter when i go to the trader it just shows a blank blok in the menu