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  1. Qthegamer

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    I have an installation question. For this instruction: I don't have a line that starts with "7 exec". Here is my whole script.txt. Any suggestions on where to put that line? Please keep in mind im new to servers and struggling with BEfilters in particular so a little extra detail in an answer goes a long way toward helping me learn.
  2. I read up to about page 40. I then clicked to the last page and discovered how long this post really is. I apologise if this has been covered here but I have a simple question At the 2:35 mark I see code in his description.ext file that the infistar antihack says to remove. 06. Go to "infiSTAR.de_Exile\MPMission" - move all the files into your currently used MPMission - Open the description.ext in your MPmission with a notepad - find "class CfgRemoteExec {};" (might also have something within the {} curly brackets) - remove it! How does this work?
  3. Qthegamer

    [SOLVED] Did I do this right? *First time trying*

    I found the location. It is already populated with a bunch of filters and i added infistar filters to it. That seems to have done the trick. I would not have found that except by some fluke/accident. Tyvm.
  4. Qthegamer

    [SOLVED] Did I do this right? *First time trying*

    Ok i wasn't aware of the distinction. The way I had seen bec and BattlEye discussed, it sounded like an abbreviation. I downloaded the filter tool (version 1300 and then the updated one) and it wouldn't even see the log file. Both were on the desktop. If I copied the contents to notepad++ and saved it, The filter tool could see it then but it still wouldn't open it. I moved on to the guide I listed above to try that solution and the results are there for you to see. I'll look up tcadmin when I can get back to my pc (I'm on my phone atm) so I can understand your statements about it. I haven't actually set up any scheduling yet. I wanted the basics in place and working before I added extras. Scheduled restarts and rcon are next on the list, then mods. Big learning curve for me. My Ark server was cake compared to this. I appreciate all the knowledge you are sharing.
  5. Qthegamer

    [SOLVED] Did I do this right? *First time trying*

    I have seen a few conversations about turning off BattlEye and just running with infistar. I think I have seen 2 switches to turn this off. 1 in the main infistar configuration and one in my mission pbo. The exact file names escape me at the moment though. Is there more to it than that or maybe a good resource here that explains it well enough for a newbie to follow? I'm open to either option (keep bec or lose it). I just want what will be reasonable to manage and still provide good protection from script kiddies. Any /all advice is welcome.
  6. Qthegamer

    [SOLVED] Did I do this right? *First time trying*

    I don't know if this matters or not. I switched my command line to exclude infistar thinking that I could at least log into the server and play for a bit and got the same kick restriction #2 message. Would this mean that the restriction is not being caused by my infistar installation? or Will it still come up until I remove all of the files I installed from infistar or fix the filter issue?
  7. The error started after a first clean install of infiSTAR. There is a possibility of having the filters in the wrong location. Here is my command line so other mod conflicts can be ruled out. The installation instructions read as follows: I bring this up because I have potentially 2 choices. Here is the screenshot with both fully expanded. My host is streamline incase that matters at all. BLUE ARROW: BEC is the folder that eventually leads to my logs so this is where I put my filters (in BEC, not BeLog) If I need to move them then maybe this fix is easier than I thought. If not then lets move on to the logs. Here is the log: It looks like its the same error 3 times before the kick. Following the guide "How To: BattlEye filters - DO IT YOURSELF" it looks like I take this part: convert it to look like this Open scripts.txt and move to line 4 (+2 to the #2 error per guide) and add that line to the end. I bolded the part at the end that I added. Does it look correct up to this point? When I tried to reconnect I got the same kick message. Before I botch things up I could use some experienced input. Please educate, not berate.
  8. It amazes me how many times i read this instruction: 06. Go to "infiSTAR.de_Exile\MPMission" - move all the files into your currently used MPMission - Open the description.ext in your MPmission with a notepad and opened up the mpmission folder, dumped those 3 files in there and then unpacked the pbo to edit the description.ext w/o realizing those 3 files went IN the pbo. As I initially said, something obvious that I was missing. Now to solve my 'kicked by battleye restriction #2 issue.
  9. Disclosure: I'm new to servers. I know it's something simple to the veterans here. I've spent hours going over the install instructions for the infistar antihack, forum threads related to intall and errors people have been running into and I have not been able to solve this one. Educate me, please don't berate me! This is a rented server from streamline Now then, here is the bottom of my description.ext showHUD[] = { true, // Scripted HUD (same as showHUD command) true, // Vehicle + soldier info true, // Vehicle radar true, // Vehicle compass true, // Tank direction indicator false, // Commanding menu false, // Group Bar true, // HUD Weapon Cursors false // Squad Radar }; #include "config.cpp" #include "CfgRemoteExec.hpp" #include "infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp" The error in the web console. Filezilla showing CfgRemoteExec.hpp where it belongs. The pbo with all of the files in it and with correct properties. I've exhausted everything I can check based on the installation instructions I was following in the readme.txt Does anyone see what I am missing here?