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    Gamezone PvE - Exile Chernarus Redux - Zombies - AI - Helicrashes - Extended Base and Survival - WIP (1.40) Ich freue mich unseren Exile Server zu präsentieren, wir haben verschiedene Mods und Scripts am laufen, testet es einfach aus! Id like to present this server to all players around the world. We got various mods and scripts activated. Join the server and test it out!
  2. Finner

    Summer Chernarus Startup Problem

    Already changed that today but didnt saw that it helped already a bit Also with CUP now works all. Thank ya for your Inputs im Happy now : ))
  3. Finner

    Summer Chernarus Startup Problem

    Heres the Pastebin: Without some not needed Mods
  4. Finner

    Summer Chernarus Startup Problem

    Ok it helped with the Window Error, its gone But still same Errors in RPT with missing addons detected. And another error i forgot: c:\w\stable\futura\lib\network\networkserver.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing!
  5. Hello Forum Users hope you can help with our Private V-Server. Here are first my rpt error, a window error from ArmA 3, my Batch Parameters and Mission.SQM details RPT: 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 Missing addons detected: 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 Exile 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 CBA_A3 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 CUP_Terrains_Maps 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 CUP_Terrains_Core 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 CUP_Weapons 2017/03/05, 12:03:16 CUP_Vehicles Window Error is: ExileServer requires Exile_Client. All where in ArmA 3 Root Folder and like this in Batch without underline: -mod=@Exile,@CBA_A3,@CUP_Terrains_Maps,@CUP_Terrains_Core,@CUP_Weapons,@CUP_Vehicles,Kart,Mark,Heli,Apex; -servermod=@ExileServer; In here: Exile.Chernarus_summer.pbo, Mission.sqm it Looks the following: class Mission { addOns[]= { "Exile", "CBA_A3", "CUP_Terrains_Maps", "CUP_Terrains_Core", "CUP_Weapons", "CUP_Vehicles" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "Exile", "CBA_A3", "CUP_Terrains_Maps", "CUP_Terrains_Core", "CUP_Weapons", "CUP_Vehicles" }; I found all the Problems already @ this Forum but nothing helped to resolve mine. Exile Mod was functionally, i installed it first. now Server.log says all the time Mission read from bank but didnt load up. Thanks in Advance.