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  1. doc0955

    Doors not open

    Make sure you're looking in the initServer.sqf that's inside the root of Exile.Altis.pbo ... EG:- Exile.Altis\initServer.sqf For reference, I'm including in the spoiler below, the lines that I edited on my server to make it work, along with the line numbers according to notepad++. As you can see, the class names are right at the start of each line.
  2. doc0955

    Admin Cannot Set Territory Flag

    I believe that you have to be " minimumDistanceToSpawnZones " plus 150m. !50m being the default max territory radius. That would mean you'd have to set it at least 900m from the nearest edge of a spawn zone.
  3. doc0955

    Admins build outside territory

    If you're using infiSTAR, you can just spawn a tank and use that for cover. Don't get in it though, you'll get rocketed. Also if you have the mod/script that allows you to pick up crates and stuff, you can pick up objects and just teleport with them, then put 'em down again. I use a 5x H barrier from Terminal.
  4. doc0955

    DMS static mission respawns

    Cool, I'll give that a try
  5. doc0955

    DMS static mission respawns

    Awesome, thank you so much I think I may have caused the confusion by calling the reinforcements "re-spawns". For anyone else looking for this info, the file/s you have to edit are a3_dms\missions\static\(mission name EG:- slatflats, slums etc).sqf
  6. doc0955

    DMS static mission respawns

    Not sure if you are all that familiar with DMS STATIC missions, but the AI within the mission start to re-spawn as you are killing them, this is apparent to the player by the sound of a flare going off, indicating that a group of AI have re-spawned, and the AI in the group seems to vary between one and, well, many. There are a number of AI groups re-spawn during the mission and the total number of re-spawned AI seems to be something like 60 - 100 for a 30 AI mission. The mission seems endless and has taken on some occasions 2-3 hours to complete, what with running back to your body etc. (players are pretty much guaranteed to die numerous times). I have been through the config many times and I can't find any setting for the number of group re-spawns.
  7. Wondering if you can do the same for me? [url=][img=][/url] TIA!
  8. doc0955

    DMS static mission respawns

    Does anyone know of a way to reduce the AI respawns on the altis static missions (slums and salt flats)? My players usually try to do these in groups of 2-4 but are finding them a little to time consuming and often have to give up. I mean, great loot at the end, but loot isn't a big issue on my server.
  9. Same problem here. If fact, one time I spawned into my base to find another player's truck sitting on top of one of my safes. I tried to move it away by flipping it and it went boom. Other players report that (for example) player a's vehicle appears in player b's base on top of one of player b's vehicles. Player b goes near it and both vehicles explode. At this stage I will probably install Virtual garage, but it would be nice to get a proper fix for the problem.
  10. I followed your instructions to the letter, and ... yay! You'd think that they wouldn't have put that right-click option of opening all of the files in the archive into one folder the same name as the pbo, making it handy-dandy for re-packing, if it were going to cause problems, but there ya go I suppose. They say that anything you get for free is worth exactly what you pay for it. TANSTAAFL I guess Anyway, thanks to you and BetterDeadThanZed I am back in business!
  11. It's pbo manager. I unpacked a known working pbo in the manner that you suggested, then repacked it again without doing anything at all to it. It came out 75 bytes smaller in file size than the original pbo. Time to look for another pbo handling solution.
  12. Thanks for the tip, come to think of it, I did open one of the files directly from the pbo manager, but I'm pretty sure it was just for a look-see. Normally I highlight all the files in the pbo manager window, right-click and select the folder option. I tried a different pbo packager, but it made no difference at all. Following your tip I'm going to re-download occupation and start again from scratch.
  13. Warning Message: Script \x\addons\a3_exile_occupation\initServer.sqf not found Yep, that old turkey again. Occupation was working perfectly (Altis) and I swear I made a couple of minor edits to config.sqf (increased helis from 1 to 2, set them to patrol randomly and swapped around a couple of the AI vehicles - more armed off roaders etc). I repacked into a3_exile_occupation.pbo and uploaded it to server\@ExileServer\addons\ and restarted the server. No roaming AI, no "Occupation Airlines" but mission AI working normally. Look in .rpt and see the warning message. Going back to the backup (as it were) for now, but I'd really like to get that Huey to stop patrolling the southern ocean and get inland a bit :-/ Pastebin of the config just in case I made a braindead mistake -
  14. doc0955

    infiSTAR restart warnings

    Thanks, that was it.
  15. doc0955

    infiSTAR restart warnings

    Everything in infiSTAR v0074 works just fine except for restart warnings and there's nothing I can see in the .rpt. My intention is to have the server restarted by the scheduler in my game panel, which works just fine, and to have infiSTAR to give players warning beforehand, which doesn't. In the end I set infiSTAR up to restart the server in the hope that it would fix the warnings part. It didn't. Here's the relevent part of EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp - can someone take a look at this and tell me if I messed something up? I should mention that the end of each session's .rpt shows infiSTAR restarting the server, so that part works OK. But there's nothing for the previous half hour to show it trying/failing to give the warnings.