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    GER/EN - Multi Gaming Community

    As already stated in one of the other forum topics ... I really appreciate your help, thanks a lot!
  2. HI All, I would like to quickly introduce our multigaming community called "SSMG" or "Schattenstreiter". Since we are now also playing Arma 3 and we are currently Setting up our own ExileMod Server I thought it might be a good idea to reach out to all of you guys also playing it ... Regardless of your skills or your origin we simply want to Play and have fun together. So if you want to leave your own footprint by helping us to create a nice Arma Server, dont hesitate to get in contact with us. Basically we Play all Kind of different Multi Player games but having a Special Focus now also on Arma 3 / ExileMod. We have our own Teamspeak Server and a couple of more Servers for other games such as CS:GO / L4D2 / ... and many more. However, in case you guys are interested you may want to check our HP -> www.schattenstreiter.de <- Feel free to join our Teamspeak to either just Play with others or become part of our community. Looking forward to see you there! Cheers, Tim
  3. Hi All, just wanted to share my special thanks for the effort and help provided by Pancake. It help me and the entire community a lot to better understand how things work and how we can modify things on the Server to our purposes. I really appreciate your support!!! Now I am looking forward to create a good server with your help where people love to play and also stay on it. It is very nice to see that there is people out here who help others in this way ... Thanks, Tim
  4. Heyjo Pancake, thanks for offering your help. Appreciate your support a lot! Lets discuss the details together Cheers, Tim