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  1. What is the "Donation Changes" tab in the profile what kinda of "donations" and "changes " are we talking about here sorry if this is a complete noob question
  2. Broken Pancake

    Error in Exile.Server(Is my version corroupted)

    HEY guys found the fix some host have @exile and @exileserver by default and dont tell you that in the startserver.bat so remove them both and it will work
  3. Hey just started working on a server and this is the only error i am getting ive tried with with multiple mission files but same error Here is an image PS - yes I have checked those files and the variables are declared
  4. Hey if anyone is looking is looking for help with server,server scripts or looking to fix problems or .pbo encryption,etc lemme know down here or in DM and ill help you out UPDATE :- my HDD just failed i guess so all my encryption stuff goes with it but i am still down to help with servers and write sqf code extremely sorry
  5. Broken Pancake

    Looking to help with server(ive worked on 3+ exile servers before)

    OK guys since Timmmey asked for help first so I am now helping him
  6. Broken Pancake

    GER/EN - Multi Gaming Community

    Hey I can help with your server ive worked on a few exile servers before and also worked on teamspeak and websites so we can talk if you need any help lemme know
  7. Hey, If you are looking for any help with your exile server about anything or even getting one from scratch I am down to help. I've worked on a few Exile servers before and even written some SQF code from scratch so if you want any help private message me so we can have a chat about what you need PS - I can also work on a teamspeak or a website for your community if you want