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  1. cybermiliko

    Cant load in?

    ok give it to me
  2. cybermiliko

    Cant load in?

    Open the launcher not the A3 launcher find the folder where u add the exile 1.0.4 wait till verify
  3. cybermiliko

    Cant load in?

    Then you have the wrong mod installed, or You didnt verified well. just deleted the exile mod folder and installed again. Do not forget to verify the mod.
  4. cybermiliko

    Cant load in?

    If u just download the new version 1.0.4 and the server has the 1.0.3, u wont log into the server. Just ask wich version has the server that u wanna join.
  5. cybermiliko

    problem zombie

    I got the same problem
  6. cybermiliko

    Prevent logging out in enemy territory

    After i Add it the bodys when they disconnect because lose connection, the body's of the players stay on the map and not dissapear. Did i did something wrong ? i just add the scritp not override nothing. Likes are dupping the bodies.
  7. cybermiliko

    Combat log punishment for Exile

    sorry worng post
  8. cybermiliko

    Guns disappearing from player hands

    My issue disappear guys.
  9. cybermiliko

    Guns disappearing from player hands

    It's happen to me also 2 players reported and i got the same log, they where using SMA weapons mod.
  10. cybermiliko

    [SOLVED] Infistar Message Location

    damm i saw at the mobile maybe i was high as fuck Nice draw Infi Btw I need ur help cause the anti-thief does work at my server and i got the latest update. Its enable and i am lost.
  11. cybermiliko

    [SOLVED] Infistar Message Location

    Very useful draw. Thx stoke
  12. cybermiliko

    Nitrado server not starting

    There is not rpt if i had an .rpt it will be solve the problem, i ask for if someone here work at nitrado like renegade but he does not answer my messages. Thank u for answer But i am loking for someone who are at nitrado. Anyway i will reinstall everything again so it's not point to continue this messages.
  13. There is her some guy who works at nitrado server or has a exile Server running on it?
  14. cybermiliko

    Respect based loadouts & UID loadouts.

    hello guys i try the script and works flawless, but i wanna make it works with Xrespawn i mean i want to the player respawn on the ground, i already added the script for ground respawn but seems only works with HALO. Any ideas?
  15. cybermiliko

    [Release] Al Rayak Exile 1.02

    OH MY GOSH! Bro thank you very very very much for share the complete map and be ready to play. have a nice xmas bro!