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  1. Deathglider

    Help with my Server

    It's ok, got it working Thanks very much for the bit of help mate.
  2. Deathglider

    Help with my Server

    Hey tinboye, I have verified my files several times now, I even deleted thr battleye folder to ensure it wasn't corrupted. Another ideas? Regards, Deathglider
  3. Deathglider

    Setting up my server

    Hey hogansheroes, I was wondering, when you were having issues was one of them when you joined your server you were shortly kicked with the error message "Session Lost"? Just wondering as I'am having this issue with a server I just got today. Regards, Deathglider
  4. Deathglider

    Help with my Server

    Hey Guys, So I don't know much about hosting an Arma server, but earlier today I purchased a small 4 slot server from nitrado so I could mess around with my mates and use it to film some cool stuff for youtube. The server seems to be running fine on the back end (baring in mind my limited knowledge) but every time I join I get kicked after a few short seconds with the error message "Session Lost". I can't seem to find any reason why it won't let me on. Can anyone please give me a hand or even some advice on how to fix this? Regards, Deathglider