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  1. Dear all, Please have some patience and help me with some info. I have been playing Exile for couple of months, like it a lot, struggling with 15-20 FPS AMD CPU, today I switched to Intel (i7 7700) and decided to re-install my windows 10. Of course, as expected I forgot to save my profile, lost my status, can`t find that server anymore..anyways..I like to play via regular launcher and I was wondering which folder is the right one, I already tried C-program files 86- steam - apps - common - Arma 3 but game doesn`t recognize the mod. Also if it is possible to share some newest update regarding the parameters for launcher, since it has been a while and some 64-bit elements are now present. If anyone has patience to just wright down: 1. which path to add in A3 launcher for downloading mods (now the default is Documents-Mods) or to put them there directly from web 2. parameters or even better command line for both launchers A3 and Arma 3 (i7 7700, 16gb RAM, RX470 4GB GDDR5, H110M PRO-VH, SSD etc..). I would really appreciate if I could get this from real players/community and verified resources. THANK YOU WHO EVER YOU WILL BE!