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  1. No, i am afraid i do not know, sorry. I'm rather new to this whole thing haha Best wishes
  2. Hi, quick question. I would like to know how to add custom scripts to my exile server, it's a really nooby question but i don't want to do anything im not 100% confident about. So I'd like to implement scripts such as: Pushback: Or something else like towing, how would i go about using these in my server? If theres anything else you need to know, please tell me. Thanks in advance Fin
  3. I'm sorry, i was real silly on my part, it works fine haha... Thanks ever so much for your help.
  4. @Redbeard_Actual Ok, thanks anyway, ill check out this one without the random part and ill let you know!
  5. @Redbeard_Actual Thanks so much man, people like you shape the community! So if i wanted to make the amount 2000 pop tabs, would i change the "random 1200" to "random 2000"?? Thanks! EDIT, this didnt work im afraid, what could have gone wrong?
  6. @Redbeard_Actual Thanks alot!! Can I ask a really nooby question, where should I put this?
  7. Hi, quick question. With regard to the DMS Occupation "Gear crates" that spawn on the map, i would like to make it so when someone completes a gear/loot crate, they get a reward of 1000 pop tabs (example) is that possible? Also, at the moment, when someone does complete one, it doesnt remove the map marker, and doesnt notify the other players? Thanks!
  8. Yep done.
  9. yeah i've done all that, i dont get any errors as such, but no zombies spawn now.
  10. When installing the Ryanszombies mod, i get a little confused. The folder I add to my Dir is called "@Zombies and Demons" but all installations say to add "@ryanzombies" to server params, so i just presume and i rename the folder in my root directory to "@ryanzombies" instead of "@Zombies and Demons". When i have installed it, do i then need to do anything with the files inside the folder, i am aware that i have to move the file in the "/@ryanzombies/Keys" folder into the arma keys folder, but do i do anything with the PBO in the "/@ryanzombies/addons" folder? I hope you get what i mean, sorry for the noob questions. EDIT Ok so, i added the contents of "/@ryanzombies/addons" into "arma3/addons" and the "You cannot play this mission,......" error went, nice. But i now spawn in to see that there is no zombies being loaded in the towns?
  11. Oh ok, regarding the second error, i haven't edited it, but i navigated down to line 419 which it said was the line with the error: any idea? And do you know of steps i can take to see what's going wrong in terms of loading ryanszombies?
  12. @kuplion Ok so i get this error: i also had it when i had a capital "R" in the addons part of the mission.sqm but i changed it to "ryanszombies" because i thought it might help. It didnt haha... This also shows up towards the beginning of start-up: Thanks alot for this!
  13. Ok, thanks alot ill try it, is there anything i need to do to get rid of the old one?
  14. Well here's another thing, i'm confused about the whole 3.2 and 3.2 serverside thing, Which one should i be using? I'm using 3.2 serverside.
  15. Hi, I am attempting to host an Exile Server on Ubuntu 16.04, with zombies (Ryans zombies and the ExileZ spawner) The zombies are causing nothing but trouble for me and i really need assistance with it... When i launch, first of all my list of mods (The table that is displayed in the server log) says @ryanzombies is not found, is this normal? Because for the @exile it states it's directory and everything? Thats the first of many problems, the second is that when i run into a city, expecting loads of zombies to come and attack me, i scower the whole city and there's one zombie, (I've even changed the amount of groups that should spawn in the fn_init.sqf file) and he wont even attack me, I'll beat the crap out of him with an axe and i wont be able to kill him. I noticed that when i run into cities, this messaged gets spammed across in my server output: And others of similar layout. Please help me as this has been a headache for ages now and i just want to get it done. Fin PS Please ask for anything you need in order to help