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  1. Rasha Maklawa

    Montaje De Los Criminales

  2. Rasha Maklawa

    Bye Bye Tank

    We had been chasing a tank from a capture mission when restart hit. He had parked it in a barn, but the tank was non persistent and had despawned. I had just spawned in that barn and NCS Outlaws funny yelling after Chrome killed him spawned the Bye Bye Tank montage. Enjoy if you do
  3. Rasha Maklawa

    Killing In The Name Of

    Enjoy if you do
  4. Rasha Maklawa

    The Jet Steal

    Considering this was the my first time in a Jet.. I think it went pretty well
  5. Rasha Maklawa

    Pook Dodging 15 AA Missiles

    It was
  6. Rasha Maklawa

    Pook Dodging 15 AA Missiles

    Last night i meet the King of Pook choppers
  7. Rasha Maklawa

    Happy Easter :)

    Well.. My body got looted and I lost all my eggs and poptabs
  8. Rasha Maklawa

    Ideearing And Noone Cares

    Stupid is what stupid does.. Maybe.
  9. Rasha Maklawa

    Happy Easter :)

    I would have, but my body got looted and I lost my egg and poptabs.
  10. Rasha Maklawa

    Happy Easter :)

    Shit happens to all of us Including the guy that you hate with a passion, cuz he took your brand new heli and nice new clothes. So feck it! Smile and Happy Easter
  11. Rasha Maklawa

    Where the H*ll Is The Defib

    The emotional rollercoaster of Exile takes you way up high.. Way low and then back to mellow again
  12. Rasha Maklawa

    That Was Great... Or Not.

    Enjoy if you do
  13. Rasha Maklawa


    There are no bugs, only features
  14. Rasha Maklawa

    Bad Conscience + Rockers By Choice

    As always enjoy if you do Rockers By Choice
  15. Rasha Maklawa

    The Rasha In The Maklawa

    A short montage. Enjoy if you do