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    Dedicated staff/community

    Hello everyone We are looking to create a group/community to assist us upon the creation of an awesome Exile server. This server is going to be on Chernarus Winter(CUP) and is going to be on Exile mod. its planned to be very developed and be unique. Zombie survival, with challenging environment. So please if your interested to join us and assist us please get in contact with me, there are plenty of roles that need to be filled, so if your dedicated and interested just drop me a message and we can arrange a meet. come join discord and post a message in recruitment: https://discord.gg/3cESD3M Thanking you Bparnham.
  2. bparnham

    EXORDIUM Chernarus Winter

    One of the best servers out there, the developer actually knows what he's doing and any problems found can be fixed in minuets. Its a great ran server no lag and no performance issues My favourite server of all time and i highly recommend it.