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  1. StevieP

    Chicken Dinner

    because it's a "general" question?? it's not an error or a bug or glitch, it's just a general idea.
  2. StevieP

    Chicken Dinner

    Hello folks, just a bit of fun but i was wondering about how easy it would be to add a broadcast "toast" message when an animal was killed OR at the point when you are gutting it would be better. I.E you kill a chicken/rooster and start gutting and up pops a toast "Winner winner chicken dinner!" I like the new toast message style in 1.0.3 for when you enter and leave trader zones so that would be a cool font/style to use. Anyone? i'm not amazing at Arma code but i can imagine it wouldn't be too hard to slip in a toast message into the gutting process.
  3. I'm hoping someone might know what this error is, my server seems to be working fine, most people are able to play but some are just dc'd instantly when trying to join and retrying doesn't help them get on. My rcon shows no error or BE problem so i assumed it was client side and it was something they were doing wrong but i did look at my RPT just to see if anything was mentioned in there that would enlighten me, i found this: 11:47:48 NetServer::SendMsg: cannot find channel #1045935740, users.card=4 11:47:48 NetServer: users.get failed when sending to 1045935740 11:47:48 Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 1045935740 (player's name) Pasted only one instance because this was spammed many many times over and over for the same player. Anyone know how to fix this? i read on some google search someone said it was down to the player's steam being in offline mode (i verified this and the player was not offline mode). I also read something about it being down to out of date dll's... i don't even know where to start with that idea... Anyone got any suggestions?
  4. No worries, yep i adjusted that line, ran my server and up pops the ai island, working great now. thanks for the missions its great to have a bit more variety for the players.
  5. I am having problems too, i followed the instructions perfectly plus i also added 2 other mission at the same time, i have added Bomos attack, stop the mayor and ai island to my static missions but on server restart after i uploaded i got no static missions spawning. I checked my rpt and found this: _msgWIN = ['#0080ff',"Convicts have> 18:00:50 Error position: <]; _msgWIN = ['#0080ff',"Convicts have> 18:00:50 Error Missing ; 18:00:50 File x\addons\DMS\missions\static\mayor.sqf, line 252 18:00:50 Error in expression <ng to set up his old home",_difficultyM]]; _msgWIN = ['#0080ff',"Convicts have> 18:00:50 Error position: <]; _msgWIN = ['#0080ff',"Convicts have> 18:00:50 Error Missing ; 18:00:50 File x\addons\DMS\missions\static\mayor.sqf, line 252 I checked mayor.sqf line 252 and it was: _msgStart = ['#FFFF00', "The old Mayors %1 troops are trying to set up his old home",_difficultyM]]; i checked this line against the other missions with the same format and i come to this conclusion, should this line read: _msgStart = ['#FFFF00',format["The old Mayors %1 troops are trying to set up his old home",_difficultyM]]; am i right with that? i watched my server playing for 2 hours after i started it up and not a single static mission spawned which makes me think my error glitched the entire spawning cycle or something. (normal random bandit missions continued to spawn fine)
  6. StevieP

    Spawning In invisible on an island

    Hello, i had the same issue on my server and have now managed to fix it. It seems to occur when the database creates a duplicate of a player with a damage value of 1 (dead) and that instance doesn't get erased so the player spawns dead and stuck in the ground no matter what they do. If you set up a timed SQL event on your database which does this: DELETE FROM `player` WHERE damage = 1 maybe tell it to run every 5 mins or so that should resolve the problem, it did for me anyway.
  7. StevieP

    BE Script Restriction #3

    I've only had this error since 1.70 but in truth i have random BE kicks all the time, usually a few login attempt will bypass the issue and a player can then join so it's never been a big issue, i have even added the filter code for some of the kicks but when i do that players are just met with a new totally random ass kick the next time so i gave up, the players who get denied first login normally just get on with a few more attempts. Doesn't happen to everyone either so i don't know what some players have in their game files or set up that makes them kick and not others. I'm no expert at BE so i can't really advise on whether you're doing wrong or not.
  8. StevieP

    BE Script Restriction #3

    Does the post by Gattaca not work then? i've just added it to my scripts and waiting to see if i still get it. On his post he has \"" at the end of the filter which i dont have. I'm giving it a go anways but yeah if all fails i'll change that line to 1 instead of 7. I hate to do that though because at the end of the day it is ignoring a "problem" not fixing it. Damn this update has really dropped a bomb on Exile.
  9. StevieP

    BE Script Restriction #3

    Yep, i am experienced a LOT! i have added about 8 new filters to scripts.txt since the update and i have one that keeps kicking people even though i have added the exception code.. I keep getting: #9 "imple without class;"; if (_autolog) then { "bi_Logger" callExtension format["_diagSimpleObjectPerformance.csv<<trunc<<%1",_csv" and i have added !="imple without class;\";\n\nif (_autolog) then\n{\n\"bi_Logger\" callExtension format[\"_diagSimpleObjectPerformance.csv< to line 11 of scripts but still people are getting kicked. Have i got that line correct? im not amazing at BE scripting i usually use a filter tool to tell me what to add.
  10. StevieP

    Floodlights/base laptop issue

    ah ok, thanks for the response man, i appreciate it. Is that the same code/fix that sorted out the territory base doors not opening after a restart because that code looks familiar as i had to implement that to my server to resolve the door issue. Should be quite easy for me to locate that and add to it. sweet.
  11. StevieP

    Floodlights/base laptop issue

    I am having zero luck finding this fix or even a mention about it, there are posts about flood light issues but they were pre patch 1.0.2 so i am stuck and frustrated at the fact i've spent hours searching and googling this issue, surely i am not the only server owner having this issue.. Like you said, it's multiple base building items like laptop, floodlights and campfire that have to be moved and put down again after each restart for them to function again. It's not killing my server in functionality but it's just frustrating me as the admin that i cant fix it. Any one out there at all have this issue or have solved it and can offer advice?
  12. I asked that question about a month ago on here and didn't receive any answer, thanks for that because the fact that it was a value restriction had me confused when the .log file generated by the kick was a setvariable.log not setvariableval.log. anyways, thanks for clarifying that for me. EDIT: Problem resolved, added !""antidupe" =" !""bleedoutcountdownend" =" !""enigmarevivepermitted" =" to my setVariableVal.txt line 2 and now the revive works perfectly, thanks.
  13. I still cannot get this revive to work, have followed the install exactly but when starting CPR from the scroll option my character starts to do the animation and then i get BE kicked for < Value Restriction #0 "antidupe" = -1 2:3748 Exile_Unit_Player > I have !="antidupe" !=antidupe !"antidupe" !="enigmarevivepermitted" !="bleedoutcountdownend" !=Exile_Unit_Player !="antidupe=1" !="Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer" in my setVarible.txt but still it happens. I could try setting the line to 1 so BE doesn't kick but to be honest that is ignoring the problem not solving it. Anyone help please i am stuck. EDIT: Ok i went into setVariable.txt and changed 7 to 1 for logging only and i STILL got BE kicked for the same damn error... now i am very confused.
  14. StevieP

    Battleye Filter Tool

    I now get a login screen with some guys profile pic (Jamie Chivers) and i am asked for a password. can we have it? whats going on? My server administration has come to a massive abrupt halt because it would take me 10 times longer to work out the filters manually, i NEED a tool like this.
  15. I really wanted this to work, but my server is falling over on a BE kick (Value Restriction #0 "antidupe" = -1 2:3258 Exile_Unit_Player) I shoot my test subject, i have a defib in my bag, i get the scroll option to revive and my character kneels and after about 5 seconds of animation i get this kick every time and i have added the be filter lines that are mentioned in this forum so as of right now i am confused. This kick is Value restriction, does that mean i need a !="antidupe" in my variableval txt file? right now i have this: setVariable.txt //new 7 "" !="exilexm8isonline" !="bis_fnc_selectrespawntemplate_respawned" !="exilecamerainuse" !="bis_accesscounter" !="isrunning" !="saved3deninventory" !"ryanzombiesinfected" !"ryanzombiesimmunity" !="antidupe" !="enigmarevivepermitted" !="bleedoutcountdownend" setVariableVal.txt //new 7 "" !="true" !="false" !="[0-9]{1,2}" !"ryanzombiesinfected" !"ryanzombiesimmunity" !="[0-9]*" !="[0-9].[0-9]*e\+[0-9]*" !="[0.0-9.9]*" !="[0-9]*e\+[0.0-9.9]*" 7 "" !""bis_fnc_selectrespawntemplate_respawned" =" !""exilexm8isonline" =" Any help is very much appreciated as my players have been wanting revive for a long time. (p.s sorry if this has been answered already somewhere on here but 77 pages on this forum... lol, i got to about 24 and lost the will to live