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  1. q-p

    {SOLVED} Drone Range

    DMS_ai_freeze_Only_DMS_AI = false; ^^ This should be true, not false if I recall correctly..
  2. q-p

    Exile Expansion - A Community Expansion Mod for Exile

    @J0s1 please delete the above spam and use spoilers next time to hide all this code, it takes forever to scroll you have a conflicting entry in your description file, you have both an #include and below options for the cfgremoteexec. you need to merge the text for both.
  3. q-p

    [Release] Lingor Traders + Spawn Zones

    Thank you for sharing @GolovaRaoul this is awesome!
  4. q-p

    Old Blood And Guts|Wipe Dec 1st!

    Server has been updated and currently adds latest RHS, Fox Cars, USS Nimitz, Sabres' Military Aviation and Secret Weapons (WWI planes, WWII planes and small jets) as well as a few other surprises. Server will stay in beta for another month until we finalize our prices/respect balance - with 41 distinct levels of respect - updating all our custom missions content based on DMS and Occupation (currently 10 in play and with more than 20 in the works). Join and give us your feedback and join our scheduled events for the next month!
  5. Hi! love this mod! Can I setup a spawn point so that only Halo jump is allowed, not ground spawn? However, all the other spawn points can allow for both ground and halo.. If so,how plz?
  6. We've been using the previous version of your Tanoa map as the starting point for our own server. Now that we're looking to refresh our content will start with the new silver template thank you for sharing awesome stuff New bridge looks amazing!
  7. Did you make this work? I'd love to see something like this. I don't know how to write my own, wouldn't know where to start, but I noticed that when you unpack a safe, the items within are dropped to the ground. So maybe find that code there and see if it could be adjusted to drop content from vehicle?
  8. Hi, this works (SLZ mod and Exile for Zeus) and you can have Achilles mod as well. I am currently testing with adding some additional functionality to this but don't have anything to share with the community as of yet. The thread linked above has a discussion with what you need to add where to make it work.
  9. q-p

    Exile Server Management

    yes, this is the full command called in by the bat file.
  10. q-p

    Exile Server Management

    yup, as mentioned I have copied mod folders and config files, battleye etc from my working server to this test instance. all works in default installation with bat file running 64bit exe and db. thank you
  11. q-p

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    thank you! with the proper overrides and using the above and latest extdb3 I got it rearm and refuel to work again! cheerz!
  12. q-p

    Exile Server Management

    yup that indeed changed the executable to x64, however the errors on rpt logs remain. https://pastebin.com/KDyqLNEg in case you can help figure out what's wrong. How difficult would be to have the -filepatching option enabled?
  13. q-p

    Exile Server Management

    have it under @exileserver/addons, latest build. I copied most of my already working setup to a new server folder i created to test it out. This and no option to set -allowfilepatching are the things not working with it so far
  14. q-p

    Exile Server Management

    Hi is this tool still being supported? I tried using it for my setup but it wouldn't work with extdb3... is this supported?