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    ExDayZ: Apocalypse

    ------------------------------------------------------- STRAY WOLVES STUDIO in association with KIWIBEAR presents: ExDayZ: Apocalypse - Survival Mod. ------------------------------------------------------- YOU WILL EATHER DIE SURVIVING OR LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SEE YOURSELF BECOME THE VILLAIN!! ------------------------------------------------------- What is ExDayZ? A complete mission file/server replacement. A highly detailed and customized version of DayZ Mod/Standalone, DayZ Epoch/Origin, and EXILE bundled into one that focuses on performance and bringing back that hardcore survival sandbox. ExDayZ is a multiplayer online hardcore survival game set in a post-apocalyptic future. You will need to survive against Zombies, Bandit's and even mother nature herself. Features - Hardcore survival Persistent vehicle spawns ExDayZ spawns and maintains a defined amount of persistent vehicles, that spawn on roads. An in-depth medical system - Players can be knocked out when shot Players can bleed to death with proper credit given to the killer Players can apply aid to other players via scroll wheel actions Infections When players are wounded, they need to treat their wounds or risk being infected Persistent infection levels that increase/decrease effects Sickness No safe zones/Traders Completely reworked loot tables Respect levels - Themed levels Everything the player does is affected by his level Examples - players hunger and thirst deteriorate slower the higher level you are, you have a higher chance to find intel on corpses, self-healing rate is increased. Persistent world - The world in ExDayZ is persistent with seasons Players earn a wage, this is a small amount but can increase your level Dynamic Events - These do not have map markers Heli crashes Town bandits Vehicle drops Headhunters Performance Everything is done with performance in mind No additional server threads High FPS Simulation manager/custom cleanup Every AI spawned, every supply drop, object or mission-related event item is tied to my custom simulation manager for performance and cleanup. ------------------------------------------------------- Server Under Development! Mods List! Alpha v0.12 1# - CBA A3 (1.98 MB) 2# - Chernarus Redux (1.63GB) 3# - CUP Terrains Core (7.55GB) 4# - CUP Units (2.54GB) 5# - CUP Vehicles (4.82GB) 6# - Cup Weapons (1.94GB) 7# - DS Houses (185MB) 8# - Exile 1.0.3 (1.35GB) - TBA Exile 1.0.4 update 9# - SM Zombz (290MB) 10# - Extended Items Exile (668MB) 11# - Mozzie (7.72MB) 12# - NI Arms AllinOne (2.77GB) 13# - Ryans Zombies (27.7MB) 14# - Pook H13 Bell47 (122MB) 15# - RDS Civilian Pack (921MB) ------------------------------------------------------- Considering adding these mods below to kind of mimic DayZ Origins Mod where you could build custom vehicles! A# - CDAH Mod Pack (9.67MB) B# - Fox Survival Cars (235MB) Considering adding this mod below as it has temperature control clothing for the bad weather!! C# - TRYKs (657MB)
  2. Kiwi.Bear

    Zombie detection

    NO!!!, Have you removed sm_zombz mod for good?
  3. Kiwi.Bear

    Cup and CBA conflict?

    1 problem i see is that you missed out some "," at the end some lines Edit your mission.sqm from this; addons[]= { "A3_Ui_F", "exile_client" "Napf" "CUP_AirVehicles_A10" "CUP_Creatures_Military_USArmy" }; and replace it with this. (added Ext.Base and CDAH as its in your commandline) addons[]= { "A3_Ui_F", "exile_client", "Napf", "extendedbase", "CDAH_workshop", "CDAH_assets", "CUP_AirVehicles_A10", "CUP_Creatures_Military_USArmy" };
  4. Kiwi.Bear

    World War II Survival

    ------------------------------------------------------- STRAY WOLVES STUDIO in association with KIWIBEAR presents: World War II Survival - Allied Invasion of Panthera Outwit, Outplay, Outlast ------------------------------------------------------- YOU WILL EATHER DIE SURVIVING OR LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SEE YOURSELF BECOME THE VILLAIN!! ------------------------------------------------------- Server Under Development! On Hold! Mods List! Alpha v0.01 1# - CBA A3 (1.98 MB) 2# - CUP Terrains Core (7.55GB) 3# - Enhanced Movement (644KB) 4# - Exile (1.35GB) 5# - Geist-A3 lite () 6# - IFA3Lite () 7# - Panthera A3 () 8# - Pook H13 Bell47 (122MB) 9# - Sab Secret Weapons () 10# - WW2 Units Mas (1.35GB) ------------------------------------------------------- [ Work In Progress ]