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  1. I keep hearing from players that the ammo is gone on restarts, but some vehicles do load ammo fine. We run cup and rhs. Will try to find some pattern.
  2. Got this on the latest version: https://pastebin.com/7jJTTC5k
  3. Yes.
  4. Будет кикать, настроишь потихоньку в инфистаре и баттлае.
  5. 3 минуты если читать инструкцию.
  6. Owning 3 scripts from Stokes. Recommended.
  7. maybe {diag_log str _x} forEach diag_activeSQFScripts; will output them into rpt
  8. maybe {diag_log str _x} forEach diag_activeSQFScripts;
  9. That was always like that.
  10. Списка нет, фичи необходимые для администрации и защиты эксайла
  11. Да, в инфи эксайла встроенны куча фич для эксайла. Инфистар А3 вообще не факт что заработает на эксайле.
  12. Latest infistar exile beta version has a fix for it.
  13. Fixed. Kneeling. Thanks!
  14. Basically it's not reading current respect for some reason. Previous Respect: '0' 27.03.2018 20:04:57: CRATE SOLD AT WASTEDUMP: 'xxx' (xxxxxxxxx) Sold for '3171.6' Pop Tabs and '253.728' Respect. Previous Money: '53924', Previous Respect: '0'. New Money: '57096' New Respect: '254'. Crate Contents: [["Exile_Item_Codelock","Exile
  15. Same issue with respect. Changing 0.8 to 1 doesn't help. Did anyone find a solution?