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  1. Hey all. I have a small issue.. i cant get my dms static missions to spawn at random times. If i put them in DMS_StaticMissionsOnServerStart = They will spawn one single time and thats it. i want them to spawn at more random times instead only at server restart. heres my config:
  2. Hello all. so im trying rly hard to make a loottable.. i used the compiler from the download page. and this form from https://qualitygameservers.com/loottable.php and i get the loottables.h looking like this then i compile it and get ar CFGloottable like this in the this video toturial ---> He's CgfLootTables is diffrent from the one i got-- what am i doing wrong here ?
  3. I dont know how it ended in another forum, i did go to Exile Mod Server Administration ->Installation -> Configuration But Sorry about that one.
  4. Hello everyone.. Im new to the whole arma 3 exile server setup. I want to add the Extended base mod items to the loot table, but i dont know how to do that. Im not good at codeing at all.. and if someone har whilling to help with a redo on my loottable. ofc payed for the time used on it. i tried the loot compiler. from another forum. but if i use that i will only get the cup mods. i want both a3, cup and ebm in the loot table. /TruckerPreben