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  1. Well, I disagree but that Tribal mindset surely has you brain locked. It's a pretty pathetic example if you really think I need to learn manners, the reality of the matter is the exact opposite. But then again, I wasn't raised with safespaces and trophies for everyone. My initial question was framed just as it needed to be, period. And in the end, valuable help finally came. You might do well to actually READ and understand the discussion here because from this post it's obvious you haven't or, again, it's that tribal mindset that prevents it. Either way, /I/ am not the one who started throwing weight around like a cyber bad ass counseling people, you did, so take your own advice, learn some manners. I have NO desire to foment silly arguments, again, demonstrate some thinking here, do you really think I find this fun? I was just looking for help. Check your own attitude and you'll receive the same, clearly if you actually read my responses! This thread is over in my view, I've got my answer, I've said my thanks.
  2. Wurst, Kuplion, thank you! That was exactly what I was looking for. I do a lot of perusing the client and server code for understanding and examples, I knew there had to be a service/function ready made to do this since it's pretty much a core part of the mod but my mistake was searching only for 'safezone', I missed 'traderzone' as a term completely or I would probably have found it! Works like a charm! Best!
  3. Wurst, yes I agree, unfortunately in this context, as I've been saying that var is unavailable. But you may be on to something. Kuplion, thanks, let me review. If I can use that client function like that, it's probably what I'm looking for. I didn't notice it probably because as I searched the client and server code I was using 'safezone' rather than 'traderzone'! My initial thoughts, and now this comes right down to me being green and only learning as I move forward, right off the top of my head I'm not sure I know whether or not I can call that client function from the server side. But I'm still getting my head wrapped around the different subsystems and exactly how they fit together. I realize the server is also a client, so that'll probably work. If so, many thanks... I'll review!
  4. But it's NOT correct. And please, don't tell ME, I'm not playing nice, Son, I've been in this game far longer I'm sure. But, I've been deferential and courteous from the outset and will attempt to continue to be so even in the face of being offended that people like you seem to think I need to be bending my knee simply because someone TRIED to answer my question. The COURTEOUS and respectful answer would be to not be presumptuous and unhelpful and would be to indicate a comprehension of MY needs before tossing out unhelpful or answers you believe adamantly true, and then to continually force them forward. The fact is, for what I'm doing, for code running in a server context only, this variable is NOT available. You might look up yourself, https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/hasInterface Geek, unhelpful, for the same reasons. Do I really need to show you my logs? I mean, I'm ready to be corrected, I want an answer here, this arguing is a complete waste of my very valuable time. I'm admittedly not an expert and am learning this as I go, but I think I AM able to read where my logs quite plainly tell me, AS I'VE STATED, this variable is undefined! Shake off the Tribalism mindset! Additionally, not one answer yet has had the decency or respect to answer my question directly without presumption. I said quite plainly, GIVEN player _X ASK if that player is in the safezone. Now it appears Wurstkette just posted something I need to review because he, now at least, is getting to the core of my question. BUT, with that possible exception, none of your answers have come close. Instead, and I find this most OFFENSIVE, you take what you THINK I need to do, translate it into your own presumptions and spew forth the answer you were trained to give. Well, I'm sorry and, maybe I'm too old, but having been a software engineer my entire adult life, I'm learning ArmA the way I WANT. And I simply want to know if there is a reasonable way, given a player to determine if he's in the safezone. Do you see a player in simply checking your variable for T/F? No! On it's face, these constant cavegirl demands are slaps in the face! Wurstkette, thanks, let me review. I was afraid this might come down to such actual position checking but I, being new to arma scripting, was hoping there was either a service already surfaced in the server code for this question, which is certainly reasonable, or that there was a best accepted way given that there wasn't such a service directly. Let me take a look at what you posted. TA
  5. Actually, that's not correct, thanks for playing. Please, if you can't contribute to my problem, step back, please. I really would like to find a real answer to my question. Thanks!
  6. Yeah, that's not right. I'm still stuck on this, hoping anyone with a good underlying grasp of Exile might know the best way to answer this question. Seems like a natural service given a player object to be able to ask this question directly. However, even if such a service is not available, someone surely know the best way to ask the question, Given the player, _x, is he in the safezone or not? Thanks
  7. I'm looking for a way to determine if the player is currently in a SafeZone or not within the context of the server. I have a player, call it _x, how can I determine if _x is currently IN a safezone? I'm stumped. TIA!
  8. Hey, was searching here for an understanding and a fix for the miniguns still not working (vanilla exile, infiStar, ExAd only) and surely found Sad's Temp fix which, while it works, floods my server report with, 12:18:37 Cannot use magazine 5000Rnd_762x51_Belt in muzzle M134_minigun Has there been any movement on fixing this in core Exile? Is Sad's temp fix still the current best answer here? If so, has anyone chased down how to address this message and fix? With everyone always bitching about framerates, it's silly that such errors are just ignored. Anyone have an update on this? TIA
  9. I'm still trying to get my head around the difference between baguettes and toast. Are there any cannolis? Given the size and look of the message, seems to me I like the toast idea better, this is more a simple update message to the client. As far as the code goes, I don't know how much seeing what I've got in script is any more helpful than what I've written it's really small as its just a proofing framework at the moment. Still I'll paste it below. At the moment, I'm just trying to get a message to the client every minute. Which as I said, works when I use the call to ExileServer....send_broadcast; but not when I use ExileClient.. addTemplateToast; I think my problem is that I'm still a bit foggy on the boundaries between some of the distinct subsystems. For example, the problem may be that the timer is going off within the context of the server and I'm not using or creating the proper context for the call to the ExileClient... service. Again, using the server broadcast works, and this may be the way I need to do this but I DID read that thread to which you referred and it was what made me think I needed to use toasts as I thought they were the "new" system replacing baguettes, but I'm not yet clear on these matters. But, now I'm thinking I do need to keep this in a server context, I have a related question. How can I put each player's name in the message. Say I wanted each player's message to be addressed to them directly, like, "Bob, This is my message tickle, tickle" Seems to me the server context is the right place, what's the best way to get the player name and send a custom message to that player, to each player inside the timing loop. Any additional thoughts on that are appreciated. TIA. At the end of initServer.sqf [] spawn { TIMEOF_NEXT_NOTIFICATION = 0; _code = { _this_time = time; if(_this_time > TIMEOF_NEXT_NOTIFICATION)then { _timetostart = 60; if(time > _timetostart)then { ["toastRequest", ["InfoTitleAndText", ["Message Title", "My Message Tickle Tickle"]]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_broadcast; //["InfoTitleAndText", ["Message Title", "My Message Tickle Tickle"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; //["My Message Tickle Tickle"] spawn ExileClient_gui_baguette_show; TIMEOF_NEXT_NOTIFICATION = time + 60; }; // if time to show }; // code msgthreadid = [0.5, _code, [], true] call ExileClient_system_thread_addtask; };
  10. Sorry, got it. I wasn't aware it was a toggle setting in the in-game interface. Got it! I guess I can't just delete my question.
  11. Ok, I have a new local dev server running exile tanoa, ExAd for the XM8 apps and StatsBar, and InfiStar.... that's it. Now, all seems to be running fine except I had to disable Battleye, not sure why, server comes up with Battleye init failure, which despite the server port +4 being open, I still think must be a port issue but as a local dev server only, I simply turned this off for now, although any thoughts on this are equally appreciated. What I'm asking about here, however, is when I try the infiStar admin shift+5 to quick tele forward, I receive a nice toast message that this feature is disabled. I've searched the infiStar config and I'm not seeing where this is enable/disabled. My last run with this last year, v83, this worked fine. I'm currently on v90. Thoughts? TIA Spin Phd
  12. Any solution on this? I came here searching for the same. I have a local dev server running exile tanoa, exad and infistar only and all appears well except I have to keep battleye disabled in the main config (which I think is a port issue) AND the GPS toggle doesn't bring up the gps panel. ?? Anyone?
  13. As I said, it's being called from the callback to an ExileClient_system_thread_addtask(), which works fine btw, except for this call to send the client a toast message. Now the callback chain initiates from initServer, in which all the default exile stuff is handled and I add the thread task at the end. Interestingly, ["toastRequest", ["InfoTitleAndText", ["This is my Title Text!", "This is my simple message"]]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_broadcast; works perfectly but I was concerned with sending a message back to the server to broadcast back out to the client so I tried just staying with the client and having it display its own message. Hence my attempt to use the ExileClient_...() function.
  14. Searching here brings little on using the newest notification system but I'm trying to use this line, ["InfoTitleAndText", ["This is my Title Text!", "This is my simple message"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; Which I took simply from, ["InfoTitleAndText", ["Incoming party invite!", format ["You have been invited to join the party '%1'. Use your XM8 party app to respond.", _groupName]]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; but it leads to a plethora of errors, File exile_client\code\ExileClient_gui_toaster_addToast.sqf, line 52 23:38:51 Error in expression <, _status, _statusChangeAt]]; } forEach ExileClientToasts;> 23:38:51 Error position: <ExileClientToasts;> 23:38:51 Error Undefined variable in expression: exileclienttoasts 23:38:51 File exile_client\code\ExileClient_gui_toaster_pushToBottom.sqf, line 40 23:38:51 Error in expression <ePosition"]; disableSerialization; if !(ExileClientToastAreaVisible) exitWith { > 23:38:51 Error position: <ExileClientToastAreaVisible) exitWith { > 23:38:51 Error Undefined variable in expression: exileclienttoastareavisible 23:38:51 File exile_client\code\ExileClient_gui_toaster_addToast.sqf, line 14 Obvious the Party Invite example works, so I'm thinking... well I don't know what to think. For context this is being run in the callback for a ExileClient_system_thread_addtask; It surely sounds like I've got a scoping problem here but I'm not versed enough yet in the internals to see it. Any thoughts? TIA
  15. What is the going wisdom for troubleshooting filters that just don't seem to "take?" I keep getting hit with this one, Despite the fact that (using BE_AEG) I've got, Added to line #2, the exception strings for the eventHandler keyword. If that doesn't work, and the BE kick keeps happening, I'm stuck on where to go next! Any thoughts or help? Thanks!