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  1. Happy to help build an iOS app, and a library in python (or ruby or whatever other language) so people can do the integration themselves.
  2. Hi, Our group are all iPhone users, so are at a bit of a disadvantage as we don't get notifications about raids and such. Given that, I'd like this to be on iPhone, and other platforms if possible. I've been poking about at the API to reverse engineer it, then realised I may as well ask. I'm happy to write the code, if the devs are able to share the API docs, or the source for the existing app to make it a bit easier to reverse engineer. I've had a number of App Store apps in the past, though the public ones were all for companies that no longer exist, so they're not there so a bit hard to demo. But, iOS dev isn't new to me at all. Can publish in my developer account, or if you want one uniquely then I can get that sorted and cover it - the $99/year isn't much for the amount of enjoyment I get out of Exile - I donate more than that to my local server. If possible, I'd like to put together a python library for this as well, and whack it on GitHub, to let people do whatever nonsense they want with it. Maybe someone makes an integration for Alexa/whatever in the future using that as a starting point. Short story is, I'm going to do it anyway - but would appreciate it if the reversing up front wasn't required!