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  1. Thanks you EL BARTO, well done it's the level Before : Regular After : ExileRegular And it's done!!! Like this : class Missions { class ARMA3 { template = Exile.Altis; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; }; };
  2. Hi, i can see all bot of the trader's aera And when i go on a DMS mission i can see alive NPC/Bot, they disappear when i kill them (but they are red, only traders are green)
  3. Hi, Since i have reinstalled my server (Nitrado) i can see the bot on the map (only if i've seen them). How solve this? I can see trader bot or NPC bot, it is the same... I don't install anything on the serv, just exile 1.0.3 by nitrado (no infistar)
  4. I have already a file bans.txt in BE folder, but he is empty, and guy is banned...
  5. Yes : -serverMod=@ExileServer\;@AdvancedUrbanRappelling\;@AdvancedTowing\; -mod=@Exile -autoinit -config=@ExileServer/config.cfg
  6. I have searches in my Arma Root folder but no file bans.txt @ BaroN, wich file do i search for startup params? There is nothing about ban in my config.cfg and server.cfg
  7. Hi, I have banned with command map/player 2 guys, but i made a mistake for one of them. I am unable to find location of bans.txt on my dedicated server (linux heberged), the BattlEye/Bans.txt is empty. I have not infistar. Someone can help me? I have not found a working answer with google or serch here...
  8. Hi, thanks for your answer. I want that when everybody spawn, he has 3500 poptabs on him, not in locker. So i have update database player with money +3500 but doesn't work, we must disconnect and reconnect us to see the 3500 on our status bar and use it to trader. I have just do this, and since 10 days, doesn't work
  9. Hi, i do this, it works a few days. Defaut money to 3500, but when we spawn, now, we see 0 poptabs on xm8 and statusbar, but on MySQL i can see 3500. We must disconnect and connect to see our money... Any answer?
  10. I use 3DEN, the station appear but doesn't work...
  11. Hi, I want to add a gas station to refuel easily the heli, how to do this? When i add a gas pump with eden editor it doesn't work...
  12. Thank you it works great!
  13. Hi everybody, I'm searching for a mod, addon or a mission for DMS, to do "gear crate". Mission is to kill AI and take the loot, or steal the loot without killing ai. I'm noob on serv config regards
  14. I have found, thanks
  15. Sorry, but i havn't found the file : ExileServer_object_construction_database_load Do i install Extended Base Mod?