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  1. Hello. I have taken the jump and started up a server through nitrado. The problem is that when starting the server it will start to load up but then stops with the error that exile file is not present / deleted. I have check and it is present in the files with everything needed but no joy. I have tried removing , deleted and resetting everything but still nothing. Nitrado have not responded for 4 days now after submitting a ticket so I'm getting very frustrated. I'm new to this so am hoping I can get a little guidance as to what I may be doing wrong. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello would love to join you guys , reasonably new to arma 3 and have just been lone wolfing for the past couple of months . When i say new i mean i have been on for about a year and only get on once a week mostly on exile and I'm looking to joing a group to get involved in some tactical missions. Great with an lmg and suppressive fire but can mix it up with street to street warfare too. I have some military training as i was a part of 4 para but never seen any action (MOD cut backs ). Stream id msdosser . Look forward to hearing from you guys.