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  1. S`TRaik

    SOLUTION // Setting MYSQL to strict_mode

    try this. helped for me. MySQL version 8 my.ini in %programdata% sql-mode="NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION"
  2. S`TRaik

    Delete marker with trigger

    Hi there. Triggers is the problem every where! I work with it right now. If any news i will let you know if do not forget about.
  3. А у него все гав*о. У него даже мозг не всегда работает.
  4. Обнови гайд, уже давно ни одна ссылка не работает и цвет текста поменяй хотябы...
  5. Hello DirtySanchez.

    I need help please.

    I have Exile server. I downloaded vector building from "GitHub" But it is not this what i need to. There is standart building just a bit changed buttons.

    I seen on other servers was properly vector building with you can rotate objects all ways like you want. In this one i can rotate only in horizontal...

    Please help me find this vector building. I was on all forums i can't find it. Help me please if you can.

  6. Вот вам тот же код только понятный и красивый! class Tank { targetType=2; target="Tank"; class Actions { class Lock: ExileAbstractAction { title="Lock"; condition="((locked ExileClientInteractionObject) isEqualTo 0) && ((locked ExileClientInteractionObject) != 1)"; action="true spawn ExileClient_object_lock_toggle"; }; class Unlock: ExileAbstractAction { title="Unlock"; condition="((locked ExileClientInteractionObject) isEqualTo 2) && ((locked ExileClientInteractionObject) != 1)"; action="false spawn ExileClient_object_lock_toggle"; }; class Repair: ExileAbstractAction { title="Repair"; condition="call ExileClient_object_vehicle_interaction_show"; action="_this call ExileClient_object_vehicle_Repair"; }; class Flip: ExileAbstractAction { title="Flip"; condition="call ExileClient_object_vehicle_interaction_show"; action="_this call Exileclient_object_vehicle_flip"; }; class Refuel: ExileAbstractAction { title="Refuel"; condition="call ExileClient_object_vehicle_interaction_show"; action="_this call ExileClient_object_vehicle_refuel"; }; class DrainFuel: ExileAbstractAction { title="Drain Fuel"; condition="call ExileClient_object_vehicle_interaction_show"; action="_this call ExileClient_object_vehicle_drain"; }; }; };