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  1. Tango5Ni9r

    how to disable chat partner

    I always am pleasant especially online. Must be you euros sensitive vaginas. I apologize ladies if I in being blunt upset you.
  2. Tango5Ni9r

    how to disable chat partner

    Does to me but thanks for giving me your irrelevant opinion bub. Now move on to ignore town twit.
  3. Tango5Ni9r

    how to disable chat partner

    I use enhanced movement and no matter what I do that stupid private chat partner pops up. How can I disable it ( I run my server so want it gone period ) *FIXED* If anyone else is curious its a infiStar option so just set it to false and it gets rid of this unnecessary hidden chat crap.
  4. Tango5Ni9r


    Care to make some for Klen, Starey, and near Bashnya? You know the arma 2 traders locations.
  5. This would be for chernarus isles actually.
  6. Like the arma 2 DayZ setup? Where the traders are located in Starey, Klen, and by Bashnoya? Would love to use them for my server. cheers.
  7. Tango5Ni9r

    Chernarus prison island

    When they add mod support and some talented people like you get into it I think that games gonna be a lot of fun.
  8. Tango5Ni9r

    How to add.

    already been tried, didnt work.
  9. Tango5Ni9r

    How to add.

    Anyone... Anyone... Bueller... Bueller?
  10. Tango5Ni9r

    How to add.

    How do I add my discord channel to my server? Where is shows up in ExAd server information? When I try using a discord link it'll just show https: I assume because the link has // in it. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Tango5Ni9r

    How do I add..

    My discord server information to ExAd server info? When you use discords link it has // so it seems to cancel out the link and in game only shows https:
  12. still no chernarus or chernarus_isles static mission
  13. Tango5Ni9r

    Primus Networks - We can develop your server!

    Having been thru multiple game server providers all the way back from arma 2 thru to arma 3 I can say without hesitation that Primus is by far the best GSP I have ever used! I ordered their gold package as I had a custom map ( Chernarus Isles ) that wasn't apart of their 1 click map installs ( which I might add NONE of the other mentioned gsp's here was willing to do! ) and over 20 scripts/mods. Primus not only said "sure we'll add that map for you but we will also make you a custom mission file ( at no extra charge may I add! ) With the custom map, mission file, infistar ( which I own ), and 20 plus mods/scripts I was told my installation would be done in 48 hours. Well I didn't believe them and I was right. However they didn't complete my server in 48 hours.. They did it in TWELVE!! QGS was on the right track offering 1 click installs and custom mod work done at reasonable prices however anyone who did use them knows when it came time for them to install a mod/script/exile update for you that it would take eons! ( sometimes over a week for one mod! ) Well with Primus I gave them more mods after the fact and there amazing technicians replied almost instantly and my mods we're installed that same day! From their owner to there head technician Charlie you can rest assured your in good hands. They will always be patient ( I'm a super noob when it comes to servers as Im sure you've seen in recent posts by me ) they are always professional, and most important they are fast fast FAST! When you order with Primus you will be amazed at how great they are and wonder why customer service like this hasn't existed in the arma universe until now!
  14. Tango5Ni9r

    Multiple AI Addon Limit??

    THANK YOU Kuplion! Another question? I'm trying to add my discord channel to ExAd server info. Yet all it shows is https: I assume because of the // How do I add it please?
  15. Tango5Ni9r

    Multiple AI Addon Limit??

    Where would I find it in infistar? what is it called please?